Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some ramblings

So, the weekend went way too fast, of course. Had a fun time with the kiddoes as always. It seems like a lot of people either weren’t trick or treating, or weren’t home to give out trick or treats. One co-worker just noted that it might be because of the swine flu. I didn’t think about that, I was thinking more of the economy and people not having extra money to spend on costumes and candy and the like. But that’s okay, the kids still ended up with a buttload. I had to negotiate for my share, of course.

Let’s see...hard to believe it was a month ago yesterday that I came back from England. Time flies. Had some good memories. Wish I had more of them, but sometimes things happen. Oh, well! I love big cities and exploring them. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ve already got some must sees planned out. One thing I did find is that the food is very bland. We ate a few pubs, and it seems like they just don’t use a lot of seasoning in things. And they sure do like their peas. Even mushy peas! Y’all know how I feel about peas. I tried fish and chips, and a steak sandwich (two different places) and they were okay, but blah. I guess blah was a good thing considering, but I really wanted some flavor going on.

I really, really, REALLY wanted to find a good Indian place, but I knew my stomach couldn’t tolerate it. I will say that we found a nice Italian place that I really liked on the last night. It was a little upscale, but the food was very good. I had the spaghetti and meatballs. I made friends with a couple from up near Manchester (I think). When we were on a break, she offered me a piece of her brie. Their brie is a lot more pungent then what we’re used to buying in the states. I found that interesting. Oh, and they do not have Jell-o in the UK. Trust me, I looked. There was a point where all I wanted was Jell-o and it was no where to be found. Well, live and learn!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween in the olden days...

The geek in me likes a lot of strange things. One of those is old radio programs. Today, as it is close to Halloween, and I pretty much have this whole side of the office to myself, I am tuned into Halloween programming on Golden Age Old Time Radio, on Yes, I told you I was a geek. I love anything vintage; music, movies, tv, radio. You name it!

Well, anyway, I’m laughing listening to this. For one thing, the family is MAKING their Halloween candy. Can you imagine making all that candy to hand out? I bet it tasted good. Besides, the udder inconvenience, how would you get away with it these days? I mean, in between the razor blades and poison and Ex-lax, who knows what could be in there? It’s too bad my grandmother isn’t around anymore; I’d ask her about that. I also learned that housewives really loved Jell-O Butterscotch Pudding. Who knew?

Anyway, the main characters are going to cause some trouble. How? By ringing the next door neighbor’s door and run off. Oooo, there’s some trouble for ya. If it were only that simple? But, of course the old man next door has bigger problems. Someone stole his battery from car. GASP!!! He wants to know what his town is coming to. Hehe, fast forward 60 years later, I’m betting that guy is wishing batteries were the least of his worries. A simple life, indeed. What great fun to take a look back sometimes.

Today is fun, too. It is what you make of it. I’m looking forward to a traditional, yet, modern Halloween. I got the kid’s goodies ready to go. In my midst, I will have a Spock and a Dorothy, and I forgot the other two. (For shame!!!) We’ll party a little bit (well, they will, I’ll be watching the Florida/Georgia game), and then off to Trick or Treat. I must say the neighborhood is way better than the one I trick or treated in. And the candy’s way better!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just checking in...

Just a quick one, still have a lot of work to get out before the 15th deadline.

Still feeling in a daze. I’ve pretty much slept the entire weekend. And who else do you know goes on vacation and LOSES 15 pounds.

Okay, enough of the pity party. Just wanted everyone to know I’m still around. I will try and post more if the week allows.

Have a good one.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hi y’all! How’s it going? Oh, happy, happy Friday. Been a rough week with funding deadlines, but I’m just about through it. YAY!

Spent a good part of the day chatting with old high school friends on Facebook. Amazing, isn’t it? So nice to catch up with the old crowd. One of them I was on Flags with, dates back to 2nd grade we discovered. Holy cow!! She dropped out junior year, I think, to have a baby and said baby is now 23. OMFG, I am OLD!!!!!!! Also found out yesterday that one of them had a crush on me. The things I find out. I’m actually planning a trip down in October to see mom, so I will probably hook up with a few. Gotta plan it between trips and crops and shows and football. Sigh! Too much going on now. I need a vacation from the vacation, haha.

I’ll be spending a good part of the weekend doing last minute things, a Wal-mart run, a mall run, things like that. Saturday we’ll get to see Faxon’s first baseball game, as last week’s was rained out. So excited for him, I hope he does good. Linda, if King is playing around here (Steinbrenner, Sickles, Gaither), I may have to take him out to a game and let him see how the big boys play. Maybe it will give him something to shoot for.

Actually keeping this short for once, just busy, mundane stuff, not much to right about. Mom’s surgery is today, wish us luck. Lunch with some former work buddies. Leave for England on Wednesday. Ah, I’m so broke!!! Yahoo! Make it a good one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shameless Plug...

Because it's my blog, that's why! :P Come one, come all...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fast Holiday Weekend!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I kept busy around the house this weekend, but was glad I did. Of course, today comes and now I don’t want to get out of bed. Who doesn’t after being off the last four days?

Spent most of Friday and Saturday getting the house spic and span. Hard work, but so rewarding, isn’t it? Well, I thought so. Anyways, all the boys were at my house on Sunday for the annual Fantasy Football draft. Great fun as it is! Everyone seems to have a great time and come back every year.

Lots of food this weekend. Saturday, I made a turkey breast, as they were super cheap at Publix last week, with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Sunday, everyone brought something, so we had pizza and wings and burgers. I made Stacey M’s Key Lime Bars. They were a big hit. Last night we barbequed, DH had a steak; I made some shrimp, with a little chicken breast and corn on the cob. So lots of eating going on.

Lots of football this weekend too. Did you catch the Gator game? Great way to start the season, even if it was kind of boring. It was good to give some of our freshman some playing time and get them in the groove for when the hard stuff comes (Tennessee, LSU, etc.) And did I read right, that FSU lost last night? How does that happen? Oh, well!

Abbey Cat was feeling poorly this weekend, sick to her stomach a lot. I couldn’t figure it out at first, but then I did. I’ve been feeding her Purina ONE Mature Cat formula. Now, keep in mind, she has a delicate system to begin with, always has. I could never feed her too much wet food, she’d get the runs (TMI!) So, we’re cleaning up Saturday and DH says “does her food look different?” So, I run and look at the bag and it said “New and Improved, now with Kibbles.” Kibbles??? OY! Don’t these manufacturers know that you can’t change a pet’s food abruptly like that? Especially when you have a cat that’s sensitive to food to begin with. UGG!! So I had to run to Target and get the Sensitive Systems formula (since Publix doesn’t sell that kind) and she seems okay now. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Did some shopping yesterday. Bought a few shirts and a pair of pants at Dillards. Had a Yankee Candle coupon to use. DH and I were going to go to Chik-Fil-A, as you got a free sandwich if you wore your team gear, but that place was a mob scene. So we went home and had leftovers. Oh, stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond, too, for a new frying pan. Did you know they make Iced Tea cups for the Keurig? I picked up a box to try. I will let you know how they are.

I’ve gotten lots of info for the London trip this weekend, along with emergency contacts and that good stuff. Only two weeks from tomorrow until I leave! WOWZERS!! I have no idea what I’m packing. I’ve got to get ready. EEKS!!

Our Tampa show is Oct. 17th, and it will be big! The same show we do in London, btw! I can hook you up with the Tix if you’re interested. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to miss Creepover this year, a first. I’m bummed, but what can you do? Luckily, it’s close by (San Antonio), so I may be able to swing by Friday night to say hello, as the Friday night rehearsal is usually only for soloists. I’ll be playing it by ear.

I got errands galore this week. Have to return something at Bealls, and have a couple pants to drop off at the tailors. I’m going to run to Int’l mall tonight to get a few things from Sephora/BE, and check out their Dillards as well. Next week, I’ll get to the bank to exchange money, and call my cc companies and let them know I’ll be out of the country. So much to do, so little time. Oh, yeah, guess, I’ll be getting work done too!

Speaking of being out of the country, make sure to check out Kip’s blog with all the pics and adventures of her, Jill and Barb in Spain and in the Mediterranean. How gorgeous! They are three lucky ducks, let me tell you! Some day I’ll be R-E-T-I-R-E-D too and can make trips like those. Yahoo!!!

Thanks for all the well-wishes for my mother. She called me last Friday to tell me the surgery is scheduled for the 18th. As long as the lymph nodes are unaffected, then that should be the end of it. Otherwise, she’ll have to start a round of chemo. Then she calls me yesterday to tell me the surgery is scheduled for the 18th. Uh, yeah, you already called and told me that last week. “I did?? Well, I wanted to make sure you knew.” Yeah, uh-huh. She also told me my step-dad (former, I guess) is coming down that week to stay with her. She says he’ll call me when she gets out of surgery. Great, just the kind of drama I need. I’m trying to see past all this bullshit, but you know, after almost 40 years of it, it’s hard to be anything but jaded.

Oh, well, whatever. I am just going to get my errands done, and look forward to the next few weeks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goings Ons

Why is it when you think things are going your way, something happens, and it kicks you right in the shins? I think that is how my life is going right now. Like someone kicked me in the shins...or the gut...or something...

I get an unexpected phone call on Thursday evening. It is from my mother. She’s calling to tell me she has breast cancer. Just like that. I should be shocked, but I’m not. After all the years of all the poisons she’s put in her body. She has almost no heart left, she’s on Nitro for that. Has been for almost 15 years. It amazes me she’s gotten this far. But she has breast cancer. A very aggressive type. It’s deep, too, making surgery the only option. There are also two questionable lymph nodes, so chances are, it’s spreading. It may only be a matter of time.

Then she had to find a surgeon. One that will work with Medicaid. Good luck with that. The Medicaid system is totally broken, especially here in Florida. The plan is broken, the doctors are all broken. I as sooner go bankrupt than let one of those quacks look at me. But she’s been in this system for over 20 years. When she had cervical cancer, it took over two years to realize she should have a hysterectomy, never mind the fact she was bleeding every day. And let’s not even talk about mental healthcare when you are on Medicaid. That’s a flippin’ joke all of itself. That’s why I’ve been hesitant to come all out on a gov’t healthcare program, because I’ve seen it first hand. It’s not pretty. But something has to be done. But, I’ve gone off on a tangent...

So she found a surgeon, and sees him on Friday. Nothing like rushing things along. I also wonder in the back of my mind, is she playing me? It wouldn’t be the first time. She says she has calcifications which never showed up before. Sil, who works an imaging system says that is very unusual, calcifications form slowly and would have shown up previously. Unless the last mammogram was read wrong. This is Medicaid we are talking about here. I just have to take it at face value for now. And so it goes...

That’s not the only news. My A/C died on Sunday. I heard a strange noise coming from outside the bedroom window. I thought it was the pool pump, but it wasn’t. Turns out the Fan Motor died. $422 later....OUCH! We had some odd power surges on Friday and Saturday, the a/c man says that could have caused it. Who knew? This just a day after DH fixed the a/c in my car (thanks to a $14 can of Freon) so now, I’m cool everywhere.

Friday, I did something I almost never do. Paid full price!!! Well, that’s not necessarily true, I did have a 20% off coupon. So my $58 jeans were actually $46. But they fit beautifully, just what I needed. Skinny Jeans!!! Seems like an oxymoron to call a size 18 skinny, but they are. The legs anyways, not the waist. I have the perfect apple shape, the experts would say. Totally round in the middle, with these skinny legs. Pants, especially jeans are impossible to find. Oh, and I’m short, too. A triple whammy! I found another pair of TH jeans for half price + 20% (around $30) and TH shorts for half price + 20% (around $20). I also got a pair of black Sketchers, for $37, plus half off a second pair, so I got a pair of work/dress shoes for about $10 (this was after coupons, too.) And I put a bunch of Hallmark ornaments on layaway. About 10, I think. The manager says they have cut production and will not be ordering more when they run out, so get them now or never. So nice of them to do layaway, so I don’t have to shell out all the cash at once.

Spent some time with the neighborhood folks Saturday night, between dodging rain and mosquitoes. While fun, it was short-lived. That’s okay, a bunch of us are going to the Tampa Yankees game on Friday, for free, courtesy of Dawn. And of course, today is the first day of school. Where did the time go? Sigh. Well, back to a daily routine for now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here we are...

Mondays, Mondays. Mondays always get me down. (Isn’t that a song?) Especially after a big weekend like the one that just passed. Waking up has been so hard this week.

Friday night we went to the skating rink for the girls’ birthday party. That is always an adventure, let me tell you. Actually, I think the word is cheap. As in cheap food, cheap décor, cheap get the picture. I swear walking into this place is like going back 25 years. It looks exactly the same. Not to mention the neighborhood isn’t the greatest either. (Not only was it cheap, but my guess is they waited until the last minute as well, or why else would we be having it at 5:30 on a Friday, when the place opens at 8 to the general public.) But the kids seemed to have a good time, and didn’t notice too much. I guess they are still too young. But that’s all that matters.

After the party we went home, and I packed up my stuff to go to Sebring for the Fried Green Tomatoes at Kenilworth Lodge. The Kenilworth is a lovely old hotel. They’ve done a lot of renovations over the last 3 or 4 years, as it was starting to show its age not too long ago. But now they have a new elevator, internet access, a flat screen TV (to watch the Bucs lose on, sigh!) and they made a little kitchen area in the ballroom where the cropping goes on. I know the kitchen helped Linda out a lot.

Linda and her gang work hard every year to put this together and it is always so good. I almost passed on it this week. The whole foot thing has been putting a damper on things, and I am just so wore out by the end of the day. But I decided just to shuck it all and go and have fun. And that’s what I did.

I got there around 11:30 on Friday night and went to bed around 2:30. Saturday I went to bed around 3. Both times because we were out on the porch catching up on the comings and goings on with the gang. Lots of laughs there. Just wonderful.

Saturday, Teri and I braved it to the local winery to try a hand (er, foot) at grape stomping. Well, Teri did, I just went along for the ride. But it was not to be that day. Apparently, this was the day of their yearly festival, with lines out the wazoo. Did I mention it was outdoors (read: HOT!) Oh, and it’s a farm actually. You know with chickens, and crops and stuff like that. Well, we talked our way in, just to buy a few bottles (they wanted $6 bucks admission.) And of course, as soon as we buy our stuff and head out, it starts raining. I really feel for those people waiting in line getting poured on. (Hey, feel for me, in the hot sticky cast on the leg!!!) Oh well, live and learn.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a crop without the food. We had a snack of Fried Green Tomatoes, of course. Then Melanie made her famous oven-fried chicken, with green beans, potato salad, corn bread, and for desert, Elle made a Krispy Kreme Donut bread pudding. YUM!!! Those girls all cooked their asses off this weekend. Of course, we had all our meals served with a smile by Linda, who doesn’t let anyone see her complain, right?

So, of course, a good time was had by all. This is a short week. I’m off Friday. Big sale at Macy’s on Friday. Doorbusters from 9-1 (remember when they used to only do that the day after Thanksgiving? Now everyone does it all the time!) Keep your fingers crossed that I FINALLY find a pair of decent fitting jeans (that aren’t made for the Jolly Green Giant) for the trip coming up soon! Oh, speaking of trips, if you haven’t already, make your way over to Facebook and check out the hotel we’re staying at. It’s in the middle of everything it looks like, with a fantastic view!!! Hasta!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Monday Mornin' to ya

Happy Monday to all. Man, what a week I’ve had. It’s really been up and down. And it’s not over yet, let me tell you.

DH and I spent four days at the beach for our anniversary. It was so nice and relaxing. Our room has been totally renovated, with new carpets, bedding, appliances, countertops, you name it. The best thing is that they have replaced the cook top stove with an apartment-sized oven. So, I am planning for next year, because this will come in handy if we want to warm up some pizza, or have something for lunch other than sandwiches. Will save us some money on food, too.

We had Thursday dinner at Sloppy Joes. That was really good. We had the wings for an appetizer, they were crunchy, sort of like Hooters. But they had a peppery taste to them. We may go back just to get some take-out wings to go. I had the fish tacos. Hadn’t had them in a while. Dh’s friend Ricky recommended the sweet potato fries, and they did not disappoint. DH had the fried shrimp, and he enjoyed those as well.

Friday was our 10th anniversary. My, how time flies. Seems like only yesterday. We went to our usual place, LeeRoy’s. Dh tried my fried green tomatoes for the first time. He was hooked!!! I had to chow mine down to keep him from stealing them. Haha!

Monday, we went to Rays game. Our office had gotten us all seats in the Checkers Bull Pen. That was pretty neat. They feed you down there too. Hotdogs and chicken and chips and stuff. Then I came home. Which I shouldn’t have...

Amazing how a simple thing like getting your mail can change things for the worse. When I fell on it, I honestly thought it was just a bad sprain. I figure, well, I can walk, right? Can’t be that bad... Well, after two days of being in pain, and the swelling not going down, I went to the doctor. They took some xrays. It’s broke. No, it can’t be. Yep, it is. The tip of the bone broke off. Yuck! So, three weeks in a soft cast. Guess it could be worse. Uggggg! Why me?

So, I’ve been adjusting to that. I’m not supposed to take it off. But I do take it off to drive. Or else, I ain’t getting to work. Don’t go to work, don’t get paid, that’s the way it goes. I didn’t wear it much yesterday. Was too lazy. So it is sore today. So I’ve got it on all day today. I’ve got to stop at the mall, too. (Westshore) This out to be fun. But things have to get done, no matter what.

We had our big rehearsal on Saturday. They also had auditions for the ensemble and solo pieces. I did mine. It wasn’t very good. But that’s okay, it’s just about getting the experience at this point. I’m thinking about hooking up with my friend Sil’s voice teacher. She’s in Temple Terrace. We’ll see, maybe after the 1st of the year. My pal Sharon from the Orlando group came over. We all had dinner at Panera Bread. Afterwards, I went to Bella’s to have a snack with my pal Gloria. Lots of chatting and gossiping and stuff. Fun, fun. I’ll have to tell you more about Saturday, but later on.

This Friday is the girls’ birthday party, at the skating rink. We were there last year, not sure why we are there again. Guess because it’s cheap. Oh, it’s from 5:30 – 7:30. Obviously this was a throw together at the last minute deal. I guess since none of that crew works, really, it’s no big deal. Right? Sigh! Because then I get to go home and pack my stuff up to drive down to Fried Green Tomatoes. DH says I should just skip the party, but I know them all to now. They will remember. Best to suck it up and just go. So, I get to Sebring late, at least I’m there, right?

And remember, the things you are liable to read in the Bible, they ain’t necessarily so....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new week!

Yes, bad blogger, I know! Sorry about that. Work has been a bitch, busy, busy, busy!!! I can’t get anything done, and everything needs to be done before I take off this week. ACK!!!! I do know people are reading though! (Hi Jeri!)

We took Abbey Cat to the vet on Friday, where they did some blood work. Turns out her thyroid is way out of whack. Her numbers were “off the charts” they said. Poor thing, no wonder she’s been out of sorts. So she will have to take a pill everyday. Yes, a pill. This should be fun (NOT!) But at least she will start feeling better. She’s gotten so grungy the last few weeks from not bathing herself, I’m tempted to dunk her in the tub. We’ll see if she turns around in the next few weeks and go from there.

Saturday was Tim Holtz day at Ruban Rouge. Two fun-filled, PACKED (in more ways than one) classes. There were lots of goodies and toys and great things to play with. The first class was more of a jewelry making class, but the techniques can be used anywhere. The second was a grungeboard collage that used all different techniques and embellishments. Very fun indeed. I loved it. He is an extremely good teacher, and I recommend that everyone take a class with him, when they can.

We had a good lunch at Queen’s, I had a gyro with fries. And for dinner, I brought home a pepperoni pizza for DH. He loves their pizza A LOT!!! I guess, I do too. Haha!

Two more days until the beach. I have nothing done. Does this surprise you? No, it shouldn’t! Rehearsals on Mondays suck. With my flex schedule, these 18 hour days are killing me. The rehearsals don’t suck. They’ve been great actually. It’s the not going to bed and falling asleep at 5:30 that kills me. Oh well, such as life.

Okay now I need to break some eggs. I’m never going to get out of level 7.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Had a fun weekend!!!

We had a great weekend at Jill’s. It was fabulous. I did not want to come home, it was so nice up there. But home, I came. Ah well, all good things must come to an end.

I spent most of my time shopping (of course), eating (of course) and just hanging out. It was very relaxing. We had a blast, just hanging out on the back deck. It was so comfortable. Jill made us feel right at home.

I spent way too much money at Archiver’s. Not only did we all go on Friday, but a bunch of us took Gerri-Anne, Barb and Sonia there on Saturday. Egads! I got my pattern paper fill, that’s for sure. Such a weakness with me. They are pricey, though. I guess they figure they have a corner on the market and they can charge for it. And considering my usual LSS has been very lean lately, this came in handy.

I tried bison burger for the first time. It was very tasty. Leaner and a little drier than ground beef, but the flavor made up for it. I’d definitely try it again. Friday’s dinner was at a charming Italian place that Jill and Scott have been going to for years. A little family owned place by real Italians. Let me tell you, I don’t think the owner knew what he was getting in for, when he let us in the place. LOL!!!! I laughed till I cried. Then laughed till I peed! OMG!!!! Saturday dinner was pulled pork and home made coleslaw. Breakfast on Sunday was homemade blueberry pancakes. How good was that? Sunday was a stop at AC Moore. It was okay. I only spent about $10, nothing to write home about. Then lunch at Red Robin. I LOVE!!!! Red Robin. I had the sirloin sliders. Oh, so tasty. Hey, Red Robin folks!!!! When are you going to open in Tampa? We need you here!!!! Oh, and I almost forgot the Saturday night frozen custard run. Very tasty. I’m not a big ice cream person, but I ate that stuff right up.

So now I’m back to the daily grind. Unpacking, and cleaning up stuff. Ginger left me a present on my blanket this morning. So I was up at 5:30 doing laundry. Isn’t that lovely? He does pick the worst times. Work, work, work.

Nothing planned for this weekend. We’re going to a party Friday night for our neighbor, Chill Bill, who is turning 40. I hope to work on a few scrappy projects and get some pool time in, between the usual house work stuff. Ackkk! I need a maid.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recovering from the 4th!!!

Yawn!!! This is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I went to bed at a decent hour. It’s just the phone ringing at 11:15 after I’ve been in a sound sleep for over an hour doesn’t help. Oh, and who was on the phone do you ask?

“Hi, this is Stephen Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning, join us on Sunday for Family Fun Fest.” Yep, NIGHT!!!! Way to go with programming those phones, Lightning ticket office. So I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning.

That was after a fruitless drive to Orlando for what I thought was going to be the launch for the UK trip. I went to where it was supposed to be, but no one was there. I had DH check the website, and it said to check the forum. My notebook was at work, and I didn’t have any phone numbers programmed in. I had him log under my name in the forum, and nope, nothing. I know it happened, based on a friend’s Facebook post, but damned if I know where. Very aggravating, especially after going through a half a tank of gas. Did have a good Quizno’s dinner, though, lol!! I guess I’ll just wait until next Thursday when the Tampa rehearsals start.

We had a good time on the Fourth. It was remarkably uneventful, which is fine by me. Just hung out in the ‘hood, and watched the neighborhood kiddoes play. I have to take a picture of my little friend Sarah who lives 3 doors down. The cutest little thing in her lady bug dress. Alas, I forgot. Next time for sure. I made Buffalo Chicken dip; I put shredded chicken, wing sauce, cream cheese, blue cheese dressing and cheddar cheese all in a crock pot. Stir and let it sit for a little while. Oh, yum! Maybe I should start one of those cooking blogs like Pioneer Woman. I could be rich! Okay, maybe not. But I was glad to have the three day weekend.

I’m doing 9 hour days to get every other Friday off, which will come in handy on saving me some vacation time this year. With the big trip in September, I was afraid of coming up short, not so much now.

Michael Jackson is still dead. We think... I really am not totally without compassion. I do feel for his family and the people he was closest to, it must be very difficult for them, especially since they are now in such a bubble it seems. And I do mourn for the talent that was and what could’ve been. But you know, walks like a duck, talks like a duck... Well, I’m done with that topic!

I’ve been listening to Live365 this week. A wide variety of genres on there, most of them free. I’ve got some Roots Reggae on, but it is not as “roots” as I would like it to be. Need more Marley and Bunny Wailers, if you ask me. But guess what? That’s okay, because there are 20! Other stations that play that type of music, and most of them free. Gotta love that. Yes, my music tastes are very varied! LOL! (Grrr! Speaking of molesters, R.Kelly just came on. Time to change the station. Grrr!)

Back to work. Gotta project to finish up before the weekend, and a few others I’d like to get done as well. And then off to North Carolina!! Woo Hoo! I am so looking forward to it, we’re going to have the best time with our pal Jill. Love it. See you soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Well, dang, we go from feast to famine around here. For weeks, we’ve had nothing but oppressive heat. Now the sky’s have opened up and have dumped a gallon of rain on us for the last few days. Horrible rain, with lightning and thunder, and even a tornado near by. And to top it off, I had a client meeting to go to, too. Ack!!!

I had to drive up to Dunedin, with some wacky Google map directions that got me in the complete wrong direction. Sometimes you just need to say the hell with technology, and just go with your gut. If I had done that, I would have gone straight up 19, and it would taken me half the time. Okay, now for the rest of the story. I had to pee really, really bad. And I just can’t go in someone else’s office, it’s just a weird thing for me. So, lo and behold, there’s JoAnn’s right next door. What a coinky-dink? Right? Hehe! I was very good, I’ve got to go on a spending moratorium, since I have two trips in July. The only thing I bought was the Debbie Mum travel paper pack on sale for $12.00. OMG, is it cute??? Lots of glittery pages, and there are beach, and cruise, and something that looks like a winery type page. LOVE IT!!

The weekend was great. It was the Hilltop Birthday crop, where we bring out our air mattresses and just have a big slumber party. I had a great time catching up and hanging out with my crew. We were missing quite a few familiar faces, though...Stacey and Michelle, Jules, Miss Elle, Diana, Lauri, Lori L., just to name a few....

Linda always puts on a big spread. Some of my faves, too, like fried chicken. And her egg salad is awesome, I’ll have to get the recipe for that. I finished the boys albums, yay me!!! And I did a whole Bo Bunny kit album, that is for summer. The colors go perfectly with the pics I took in the H20 zone on the cruise. I think they will look fabulous. And I just ordered all my pics, too, with a Clark coupon.

Speaking of Miss Linda, I replicated her baked ziti last night. Except, DH likes pepperoni so much, I threw some of that in too. DH already had the meat cooked for me when I got home, or else I would have thrown some onions and garlic in there too. But it was still very tasty.

So, it’s Thursday, but it’s like a Friday to me. Listening to some tunes on Pandora. Some type stuff that y’all have probably never heard of. Yay! I’m hanging out with some co-worker buddies tonight at our friend Deb’s house. Tomorrow, I have major laundry and house cleaning to do, and run to the store for BBQ on Saturday. Hopefully it will clear up and I’ll get some pull time in, right? Every one have a happy Fourth!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello again!

“We’re having a heat wave...a Tropical heat wave...The temperature’s risin’ isn’t surprisin’...”

This heat is miserable, let me tell you. It really sucks the life out of you, doesn’t it? When I get home after being in a hot car, all I want to do is flop out and do nothing. Bleh!!! So, my house is a disaster again. Eek!

What did I do this weekend? You know, I don’t remember? Hmmm... I did soak in the pool for the afternoon on Saturday. Totally needed that. Sunday was Father’s day. We went over to DH’s grandfather’s new place, ordered some chicken wings from Honey’s and spent the day watching baseball.

I had an audition workshop on Monday night. It went really well. My pitch is perfect, my expression is great...but I’m very timid. Ya think? My friend Sil actually said something I took to heart: “Mar” she said “You’d be soloing all the time, if you just had more self-confidence.” Sil’s a pro. She’s an opera singer, and had even had call backs to the Tampa Bay Opera company. Interesting, how I know Sil. She is MIL’s ex-bf’s sister. Get all that? Yeah, this family tree has more twists and turns then you shake a stick at.

But getting back to the matter at hand, Self-Confidence. Yeah, easier said than done, I say. I was such a scaredy-cat when I was a child, no thanks to my upbringing. It took a lot of years to get through that hump and not be afraid that something bad is going to lurk around every corner. I just got to pull up my boot straps, and like Nike says “Just Do It!” That’s all there is to it, right? Uhhh.. sure if you say so. LOL!

I did get to Kohl’s last night, and got a few things. Towels mostly. Beach towels, some cheap-o bathroom towels for Abbey-Cat’s bathroom, kitchen towels, potholders. I’ve been slowly replacing my kitchen towels, potholders, etc, because the ones I have are so old and nasty. Ewwww!!! Had to get myself a few things too, some blouses, a new pair of sandals. Too cute!

Birthday crop this weekend!!! YAY! My fave! Can’t wait for that. Gotta get all my junk together tonite. I’m probably going to leave work early, but I’m not sure when. I was only going to work a half day, but I ended up going home sick on Monday. So, I’ll try and get out between 2 and 3. I’ll make a few stops to the store, the liquor store, wherever. Wherever the road takes me, right?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hump Day

It’s hump day. How did I make it this far? Today is a take it easy day. No one is here on my side of the office. I’m in a cube all by myself, crankin’ the internet radio and just going to town. I guess I do need to shuffle a few papers and make it look like I did something, huh? Haha! I’m on a push to get a lot of reports out by the end of July, and since I’ve had NO days off in June, it’s good to take a little breather, I suppose.

Last weekend was the Boxer crop at the Art Institute. Interesting place. We all had a good time. Looks like they raised a lot of money for their cause. Jules and I took the wine and chocolate class. That was really good. I had also signed up for a Photoshop class which turned out to be a bit of a joke. I walked out. But the other class more than made up for it. There were a lot of auctions and raffles and things going on too, and some of our Hilltoppers won quite a few. Yay for them!!!

I’m taking it easy this week. I was going on not enough sleep all of last week, so now I need to make up for it. I had to take my car in for an oil change this morning. One of my tires keeps running flat, and it’s a tire he’s already patched once. So, I see a new set of tires in the immediate future. I’ll keep an eye out for Tire Kingdom or Tires Plus ads to see if anyone has any good deals. Or if anyone knows any, holler! Really not something I needed to do right now, as we just put $500 in to fix our air conditioner. But it is what it is. Can’t drive without tires, right?

I’ll spend the rest of the week getting my room organized. The birthday crop is next weekend, so I have to get some pages planned to work on and finish. I may start the Vegas album for Dawn I said I would do. Or I may start that the next week. Want to work on some of my own pics instead. I should have the boys’ books done this week. Just need to think of something for the front cover.

Father’s Day is Sunday. We’re supposed to all go to the Colonnade. But knowing how scatterbrained SIL is (who’s in charge) we may end up eating hot dogs on the back porch. You know how that goes. Whatever happens, I’m sure it will all work out. It always does.

Thoughts go out to my good pal Jayne today. She lost her puppy this week after an illness. Please keep a good thought for her as well.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am very tired this week. Burning the candle at both ends and not getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve had some tummy troubles too, which were keeping me up. OY!

The garage sale was okay. Sold a few things, made about $30. Spent $15 on a Cuttlebug. Yes, me with a Cuttlebug, who knew?? Now I need some do-hickeys for it. What kind of do-hickeys? I have no clue, but I need some just the same. Bought DH his favorite pizza from Q’s. I had the mini-white pizza that Linda had last time. YUMMY!!!!

Workshop on Monday. Did some gospel/spiritual. The man showing us is an attorney here locally and is awesome! Interesting tidbit of Tampa history I learned. First Baptist is going to be 150 years old. At that time, the owners brought their slaves to church with them. After the Civil War was over, the church gave the freed slaves their own church to use, and that became Beulah Baptist. That church will be 145 years old this year. We start rehearsals again for real on July 16th. The next show at the TBPAC is October 17th. OCTOBER 17th! Mark your calendars.

Tuesday was a yuck kind of day. I was really nauseous and kept running to the bathroom all night. I was in bed early, just couldn’t stay in bed, kwim? So Wednesday I woke up dog tired. I was supposed to go out with some friends for dinner and then to a seminar, and was thisclose to cancelling, but I stuck it out. The seminar was one of those self-help, become a better person deals. Not my thing, but I said I’d go and I did and now I’m done. Hehe! By 9:30 I was ready to go. But nooooo!!! My tire is just about flat. OY! We head across the street to the Quicky-Mart, but their machine is busted. I had to go all the way to 49th Street just to find a working air pump. So I didn’t get home until after 11. Another late night.

Last night we did the family thing at Olive Garden. I did manage to get home at a decent time to go to bed early, but I was too tired to sleep. Ever have that feeling? So tossed and turned some more and here we are today.

I’ll be headed out here in a few minutes for the Florida Boxer Rescue crop. Looks like all kinds of fun stuff going on there. I’ll run home to get my stuff, and then over to the Art Institute. So not far at all this time around. Have no idea what I’m packing, but what else is new. Just looking for a good time.

Well, back to the grind. Only a few more minutes until it’s time to go. YAY!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy days...

Howdie all! Hope all is well. We had a SingLive workshop last night, which went really well. Just seeing familiar faces was enough for me. John, our director, was really upset with the way Susan Boyle has been treated, esp. by the BGT people. Just threw her to the wolves, basically and now she has a mental breakdown. John says she probably never sing in public again, it was just too much for her. How sad would that be???

We’ve been helping DH’s grandfather move into his new condo this weekend. Moving is such a PITA. Everything is such a cluster!!! And FIL likes to pretend he’s in charge and boss everyone a round, so that doesn’t make it any easier. And I gotta say this (sorry, Michele!) Brighthouse SUCKS!!!! Out of the 3 boxes they got, one was totally defective and would not work. Another box, the DVR, worked and then all of a sudden it locked up and 20 minutes later totally reset itself. DH has had nothing but major issues trying to get things set up. And don’t even get me started on the phone. The only thing that is working is the computer, but even that is not great. They are supposed to come back today and fix everything they did not get right when they were out on Friday. They had FIOS at the old house, but where they’ve moved to does not have it yet. The lines are laid, but they aren’t ready to be hooked up yet. Probably a few more months says Verizon. It’s been an experience.

In the meantime, our A/C unit froze up last night. It’s been doing that a lot lately, seems just about every time we have a power surge. DH called the a/c man and he’s coming out tomorrow afternoon. I sure hope it’s nothing to serious. That would really put a crimp in the budget. But, DH said to be prepared. The unit is about 10 years old, and it’s a small unit for our size house we’ve been told (by several different sources.) It’s the bare legal minimum. Oh well! I guess that means I’ll be putting off other projects, like the house painting (I’m a little afraid on that one. Like I said, it’s 10 years old, and I think we’re the only ones who haven’t re-painted. I’m sure we’ll get a nasty gram from the HOA eventually) and tile (that was such a priority last summer, but it has moved down on the list for now.)

Gotta run to Target, probably tomorrow night. Gotta sort out my coupons first, they got to be a mess. Started last night before I went to bed, and then will finish tonite. Saturday is the RR yard sale. Kip and I are sharing a table. I don’t have a lot of stuff, but what I do have is some big ticket items. A table do-hickey, cropper hoppers, a few other bags. Lots of idea books too, I’ll probably slash them to $1 or $2. A lot of stuff, like old stickers and paper, I didn’t want to deal with, so I just threw it out. The little annoying stuff, you know? I know I won’t make a profit (hell, if I do make any, I’ll probably just spend it on someone else’s table.) But I would rather see this stuff go somewhere than the garbage heap, kwim?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wrapping up the Week

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. As always it was too short.

I had a great time at Rubon Rouge on Friday. I got a few more pages done in the boys books (I’m gonna get these damned things finished yet!) And spent most the time gabbing. And laughing. It was such a hoot. Kip’s card was the highlight of the evening I must say. Don’t forget those mitered corners, LOL!

Saturday was a blur. We went to the store, I did some laundry, but most of the day I just vegged out, reading in front of the TV. I watched a lot of movies this weekend. That was all there was. With the exception of Rescue Me, all the shows are done for the summer.

I did some cooking on Sunday. Made a nice chocolate Bundt cake, and some pretty good potato salad. Grilled some corn on the cob, and DH made ribs. We had a great meal. I jumped in the shower, so we could go hang out with the neighbors, and it started thundering really bad. So we decided to wait inside until it stopped, and then the power went out. It was out for over two hours. A wind storm knocked down a bunch of power lines. But it never did rain. Dh and the kids and friends proceeded to play a rousing game of kick ball. Kick ball? Who knew? Too funny.

I’m trying to perfect my potato salad. We had this really great potato salad in the café of the building I worked in. I got the tanginess part, and the consistency, but the flavor is still a little off. Last time I went over board on the relish. This time I think it’s too much mustard. Come to think of it, I don’t remember there being any mustard in theirs, it was all white. My grandmother’s had mustard though. I’ll just have to keep trying. (hmmm, here’s one on epicurious that uses sour cream, also.)

Monday was catch-up day, putting the house in order, etc. Nothing exciting there.

This weekend, we will be moving DH’s grandfather into their new place. It will probably be a rough weekend. We’ll see. I think it’s going to be tight. They closed on the condo yesterday, and the house closes on the 1st, I think. That only gives about 3 days to get everything done. I think Brighthouse was there earlier today hooking everything. We’ll see if that goes off without a hitch.

So, it looks like more of a working weekend, then anything. I’ll probably be pretty tired after tomorrow. I’ll have to rest up tonight, but will need to go to the store. Boy, I need a break.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shopping Adventure

Everyone in town has been talking about the big new IKEA. But another store just had their grand opening yesterday, and slipped under the radar. Crate and Barrel opened up next to International Mall yesterday. So, I braved the rain to take an adventure out there.

You know me, I love little cooking gadgets and the like, and I got plenty of them. Little mini spoons and spatulas and lots of neat glasses, and vases (I picked up one of those) and all kinds of little decorator items. So neat. My favorites of the day was a little glass syrup pitcher, like the ones they use in the restaurants. I also got a little mezza-luna cutting device like the one Rachel has on her show all the time, on sale for 9.99. And these pretty tall glass candle holders that were normally $12.95 on sale for 4.95. Good deals! They also sell furniture and stuff, too, but it’s pretty pricey. But such a cool store. I’ve always liked them. I can’t wait to see what they have at holiday time. My goal was to spend $50. I spent almost $70. Oops! Oh well.

Next I headed to the mall, over to Victoria’s Secret. (Linda, don’t read this part!) They had their cotton undies 10 for $25. They are normally 5 for $25. That’s $2.50 a pair. So I stocked up. The colors were kind of eh, but no one really sees them, so who cares. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s been a while since I’ve done laundry, LOL! I wish they had more darker colors. You know, for Aunt Flo. Am I the only one who has a “leakage” problem? Either the pads are too short, or not wide enough. TMI, I know. LOL!

Well in another hour or so I will head up to Rubon Rouge to meet Kip and Jules and Michele and Diana and whoever else will be there. It is a good night for a girl’s night out, so should be fun. Just wish this darn rain would go away. Sigh! Although I thought I saw a bit of sun coming back from lunch. I’m sure it won’t last too long.

Monday, May 18, 2009

back from Hiatus...

will post more soon....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello All!

Just a quick check in to let everyone know I am alive. I survived the birthday party, and the Alligator Alley shenanigans. I would post pictures, but I am having issues with Picasa. Any experts out there? It opens fine, and then when I click on something, like import or add folder, it locks up on me. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling it, but to no avail. DH seems to think it’s a Vista issue.

Well, now RC has gone and cancelled our stop in Cozumel. I’m really bummed about that, because I was looking forward to our excursion at Nachi Cocum. And since I am pushing for Eastern Caribbean next year, I don’t know when I will get a chance to go again. That really sucks.

The media hype on the Swine Flu is enormous. It is just ridiculous. It’s the flu, people, it happens. “OH, but people are dying.” Yes, they are. In Central Mexico. Where they have no access to doctors, or medicines or heck even clean water for that matter. Get a grip!!! People die from flu bugs all.the.time. Take the usual flu precautions, but don’t jump off a cliff for cryin’ out loud.

Well, I’m a busy beaver trying to get everything done in the next two weeks. Help me now!!

A couple shout outs today. To my friend Teri. I hope you are doing well and everything is okay. Call if you need me. And to Debi, who’s puppy has a tumor. Lots of love and hugs to him and to your family.

Monday, April 20, 2009

In case you haven't heard....

I know this has made the rounds, but thought I would show a different song this time to show this amazing woman’s versatility. I am so inspired by her. She gives hope to all of us “Plain Janes” out there.

I love the original version of this song, originally done by Julie London. A) because she was a fantastic singer in her time and B) because she was Nurse Dixie on my favorite 70’s show, Emergency! I love “I Dreamed a Dream” too, it was my own “audition” piece back in the day. It’s so funny, I actually mentioned to someone 3 weeks ago about going back to it. But since this has come out, time to find a new piece, LOL! No way will I do it justice now.

Of course, our director has gotten about a gazillion emails saying “Have you seen Susan Boyle?” He even told us of his father calling over from England saying “Have you seen Susan Boyle?” Funny stuff. He did tell us on Saturday that his “people” (and he has way more “people” then all of our “peoples” put together) is trying to work out a deal to have her perform with us in London this fall. Wouldn’t that be beautiful???

I’m still tired from this weekend. I’m not 19 anymore, this hectic performance schedule catches up to me a lot quicker then it did back then. I was thisclose to calling in sick today to get caught up on house stuff, but I didn’t. I need vacation days for later in the year, when DH and I go to the beach, and I always save one for Creepover and any other little events here and there that come up. I always want to carry over as many as I can, “just in case.”

So, this week I’ll be playing catch up. I’m driving down to SoFla on Friday for Tita’s first birthday. It’s actually on the 2nd, but her party is Saturday. I’ve got to go shopping in there somewhere too.

But we were in bed so early last night; I think I was out by about 9:15. I didn’t even clean up the kitchen after dinner. YUCK! So I have that waiting for me when I get home, so right at 4, I’m gonna book straight on out of here, so I can get home and get it done!!

I started the last leg of my room makeover/under, whatever you want to call it yesterday. Sorting the patterned paper. Man, that is a hard job, I don’t even think I’m half way through yet. There’s specialty papers, and “event” papers. I’ve got one whole section that is nothing but Christmas. Then you sort the stripes, and the flowers. Soft pastels, brights, darks....Then there are the “brands” that have to stay together. Basic Grey, BoBunny, Crate paper, it’s endless. Then I set a drawer aside for just the “Stacks” I’ve gotten from JoAnn’s/Michaels. The ones I just can’t seem to part with. I do actually use those, for cards and such, so I’m hoping sticking them in a drawer doesn’t mean out of sight out of mind. I started this project back around Thanksgiving, and now I am finally seeing some closure. Halleluiah!

Oh, one last tidbit of news, Dh’s grandfather sold their house. They have the closing pending for June 9th. Now we’ve got to find a place for him, tout suite. We have to clean out the house too, that will be a job. They do have an extra fridge and freezer in their garage that I would like to get either one or the other, since he will not have a garage probably in a condo. Just trying to figure out our own garage configuration, but it’s looking more and more like one of us will just have to not park in the garage. Well, we’ll think about that tomorrow. Sigh!

20 days until vacation. I’m so ready!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Good Friday

Well, it is a GOOD Friday, isn’t it? I’m glad it’s Friday, aren’t you. Just had a yummy lunch at The Shrimp Store.

Nothing going on the world right now. So just taking a few moments to catch up. How about those Rays? 2-1 against the BoSox! Great way to start the season, boys.

The pollen sure is kicking my ass this week. DH too, as my allergies keep HIM awake. Oops! Good thing we have a comfy couch. That Claritin (or as the box says “Wal-itin”) must work really well, as I haven’t heard any more complaints.

Number One on the agenda for tomorrow is to get the car washed. Between the pollen and the sea salt from the high winds, my car is looking pretty pitiful. (Well, it always kind of does, but this time worse than ever.) Lunch is at Texas Roadhouse is on the agenda as well. I think we’re making those grape jelly meatballs for dinner tomorrow with some mac-n-cheese and some veggies. Maybe some more asparagus if it still looks good.

Doing my part to stimulate the economy as well. Did some damage at Macy’s the other night on shirts. Now I need some shorts/skorts/capris/something to get me through vacation and summer. Oh, ixnay the capris, I got two pair on line at NY&Co a few weeks ago, so I’m mostly looking for shorts/skorts/skirts maybe. Who knows? I’ll start at Sears and Penney’s. Sear’s looks promising, just checked out their website. 50% off all dresses. Then I have a 20% off coupon at Kohl’s, I’ll try them next. And I’ll have to hit Dillard’s some time next week too. They have the best lingerie selection. Hey, it is a vacation, you know? Then we’ll have a Wal-Mart run for toiletries, a case of water, our “first aid”supplies (Tums, Pepto, Gas-X, etc.), suntan lotion, all that good stuff. Nothing like a week’s vacation to stimulate the economy, eh?

Hey, speaking of Sear’s, look what I just found? Think it’ll make a good formal night dress?

I got Easter basket goodies at Target last night. Oh, what fun that always is. Candy galore this time of year, isn’t it? I also picked up eggs for 49 cents between the coupon and the sale price. Michele would be so proud of me.

Don’t forget big show next Saturday night! Be there or be square!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catching up

Just catching up. The weeks just blur together sometimes, ya know? But that’s life, I guess.

Friday was DH’s birthday. I tried to convince him he wanted to go to Disney World (Hey, it’s free!) but to no avail. Oh, well. We spent Friday out and about getting stuff done, and had dinner at Crazy Buffet (also free!) I loaded up on sushi and shrimp and crab legs. The four food groups, of course. Oh wait, what’s the fourth? Oh yeah, the chocolate fountain, of course. How could I have forgotten? After that, we went home and let our food digest.

Saturday, we met MIL and her DH for lunch. That’s interesting as always. I’ll just leave it at that. MIL is now on Facebook. That should also be interesting. I guess as long as she doesn’t find the blog, I’m okay. LOL! Actually, it was a good lunch at Honey’s. I had the buffalo shrimp and DH had the wings. Very yummy as always.

We topped the night off with a BBQ with the neighbors. We just ate and hung out. Nothing too fancy. But it was nice. Windy as hell, though. WOW! Everything just blew away. DH and our buddy Mike from down the street decided to “jam” in the garage. That was really cool. They sounded really good, so I hope there is more of that in the future. “Rock Band, Smock Band!” Who needs it when you have the real thing, right?

Sunday we just chilled for a little bit. I made a turkey breast and all that goes with it. It came out really good, and I think DH had the leftovers for lunch yesterday. Can’t beat that.

I’m tired today, though. We’ve got our show in Orlando on Friday (and the one here in two weeks), so lots of extra rehearsals this week. Two of which are actually in Orlando. Have I told you I’m tired?!

One musing I have for the day. How do people get such a distorted view of reality? I’m looking at a little note I had written down some 15 years ago that I keep on me at all times. #4 says “My reality is not yours”. Ah, well, this too, shall pass.

Want to give a shout out to my good friend Jill. She lost her MIL this past weekend, while she was at the Sock Hop. Lots of good thoughts for her right now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

If you love Broadway musicals...

Don't miss this show...

April 18th, 7:30 pm, First Baptist Church of Tampa. $15 in advance, $18 at the door.

Be there or be square.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck o' the Irish to ya!

Today is St. Patty’s Day! Everyone should be a little Irish today. Even if I don’t like Corn Beef and Cabbage. Is it weird to have Taco Night on St. Patty’s day? Oh, well! Yesterday was corporate tax filing day, with luckily no big fires to put out.

So on Friday, our new “team leader” (and I use that term loosely) planned a luncheon on Friday afternoon. Not smart planning, IMHO! Yes, our testing is done, but CPA’s still want numbers. Is it evil of me to think it was poetic justice that she really couldn’t stay and drink with us, because she didn’t have her own work done? Yes, I know, so bad, so bad!

I actually stuck close to home this weekend, and got a lot accomplished. Scrubbed the deck some, cleaned bathrooms, did a few loads of laundry, washed curtains and table cloths, did everything, except mop the kitchen floor. I’ll do that tonight. Also downloaded a bunch of stuff into ITunes. I’m listening to some of it now. Lots of old stuff, like the 4 Tops and lots of new stuff too, like Death Cab for Cutie. And lots of stuff in-between! Quite a hodge podge, wouldn’t you say?

Now, this week, tickets go on sale for our big show Sing the Giants of Broadway. It is April 18th at the First Baptist Church in downtown Tampa (across the street from UT.) Tickets are $15. If you’re going, give me a holler, and I will hook you up. I have order forms now. It’s going to be a great show.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good morning all

I just realized I hadn’t updated my blog from last week. Oops! Well, that’s what happens when tax season comes around. Busy, busy, busy around here. I’ll be glad for March 15th, really, I will be. Northing else happening, really.

Last weekend, my plans got changed at the last minute, and I went to the Incarnation crop. It was fun, a lot of my favorite people were there. Linda and Elle and Kathy L. and Michele. Val came too, it’s always good to see her. I’ll be hanging out with them Friday night, after the hockey game. Jill and Jayne too. They are coming down for the cruise that leaves on Saturday. Also, Maura was there with her table. So, Hilltop was representing.

Big news is that Tim Holtz is coming to Ruban Rouge on July 25th. I called yesterday and put my deposit down for both classes. I have no idea what they classes are, but really don’t care. It’s TIM!!!!! Woohoo! Teresa Collins is coming too, but that’s our 10th wedding anniversary, and we haven’t made our beach plans, yet, so I put her on hold this time around. Gotta save up for my other trips, too.

This Saturday is Zoo Zoom, the 5K run, walk, (crawl!) at Lowry Park Zoo. We have a team going from the office at O:so early in the morning. Egad, what have I gotten myself into there? I’m just going for the free T-shirt, haha! Oh, and to take pictures for the office newsletter.

Today is also our 14th date anniversary. Isn’t that sweet? SWAK!!!

So, other than that, looks like it will just be a busy work week as usual. Have fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another week has started

I’m listening to the song Summer right now. (Oh, it’s Summmmmer, Summertime is here!) Well, no. No it’s not here. But I’d wish it’d hurry up and get here. I miss my pool. Hehe!

Well, in case you didn’t know, or wanted to know, I have a chance to be part of a performance at Royal Albert Hall in London in September. I’ve known about this for a long time, since last summer actually, but Saturday night I got the details, talked it over with DH and made the decision, so now it’s a go! England has always been on my bucket list of places to go/see, and now I’m actually doing it. I am completely amazed about the opportunities that have presented themselves to me in the last year. It is fantastic.

We also made the paper today too:

DH has been on a cooking kick as of late. Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. The idea behind it is to not eat out so much, and save money. (Always a good thing, wouldn’t you think?) So, every night we have a meal planned. Isn’t that cool? I’ve been trying to do this for months, but I never seem to have enough time. So, we’ve been sticking to our guns.

We made baked chicken last night, like his grandmother used to make. He did a really good job, I was very proud of him. I made some asparagus (on sale at Publix this week), with some fake hollandaise sauce which was not too bad either. All in all, a very nutritious and inexpensive meal. And he has leftovers for lunch, too. Tonight, I’m making Sloppy Joes, with corn, and I bought a side salad yesterday at Publix as well.

I said if we keep this up, we’ll have to clean out the garage and make room for another fridge. Good luck with that! Haha!

I’ll be going down to So. Fla. This weekend to hang with that gang. Joelle invited me to come spend her birthday, so we’re going to go out Friday night and hit a few clubs and have a few drinks. Should be a good time.

Have a good week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new week

Hey, it’s been a while! That’s what happens when nothing’s going on. I mean nothing. I’ve just been muddling through, with busy season and all that stuff. The weekend was pretty much a blur. I stopped by Pamela’s for an hour or two to hear some music stuff. Then DH and I went to ABC Pizza. Saturday morning got up and met my friend Gloria, and then we had to drive over to Orlando. I was back home by 12:30. Then I met DH for lunch at Honey’s.

After Honey’s, we took a long nap, as I had not gotten much sleep the night before. And, oh yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day. After we got up, we decided it was too late to go out, so we went to Publix, and picked up a few things to make dinner. I guess we dragged it into a Valentine’s “weekend” at that point. Hehe! Sunday morning, we exchanged presents and cards, and chilled out most of the day. Then we went to LeeRoy Selmon’s for dinner. We both had the Pulled Pork Nachos and the Sweet Heat Chicken (I also had a garden salad.) Oh, so yummy! I love that place.

DH has been on a cooking kick this week. Trying to save money, which is a good thing. Last night he made Roast Beef Sandwiches (Think: PW’s Marlboro Man Sandwich) with the leftover Mac-N-Cheese I made on Saturday. Tonite it is Tacos.

I need to get my nails done, but I’m going to put it off until Tomorrow. DH is determined to get our taxes done tonite. I’ve been procrastinating. I’m having financial anxiety. Could be the economy? Eh, who knows? I’m $3 off on my checkbook ($2.98 to be exact), and it bugs me. Yes, I am anal about that crap. Which is why I drag my feet on taxes, even though we’ve never owed. We are getting back less, not sure why (which is what I’m determined to find out tonite). But we always get something back. I know that it is something I inherited from my grandmother. She taught me this kind of stuff at a young age.

Remember in the old days, when you actually got your checks back in the mail. Well, I would read off the check numbers and she would check them off in the checkbook. I was about 7. And I’ve always done my own taxes. When I was 15, and got my first W-2, my step-dad gave me the EZ book, and said, sit down and read it, and if you have questions, let me know. When you’re done, I’ll look at it with you and make sure it’s right. No computers back then. Just a book and a pencil. But I learned. I was very self-sufficient. So I do have them to thank for that. But it is also where I get my anality (is that a word) from?

Let’s see what I’m listening to right now: This Can’t Be True by Eddie Holman (He used to be with the Temptations, I think.) It’s the R+B playlist, as you can see.
Have a good week, all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Opportunity of a Lifetime!

I had the unique opportunity on Saturday to attend a program at Walt Disney World as part of their Magic Music Days. The seminar we took is here.

We went to the Performance Hall at Saratoga Springs. According to our facilitator, this building is THE most expensive one in Disney World. It is built to be acoustically perfect, and has all state of the art, high end recording equipment.

After working with a clinician (who was a former Miss Florida) we did two selections from the Lion King, and then a jazzed-up version of The Mickey Mouse Club with dance moves and everything. What an adventure that was! Then at the end, we got to meet Mickey. He’s short in real life, LOL! What fun!

Afterwards, some of the girls went to Chevy’s Tex-Mex for lunch. I had the Shrimp Fajita Salad, and it was soooo good! (No, I didn’t do a Kip and take a picture of it. My dang camera battery died, and I had left the spares in the car. BooHoo!)

Afterwards, I went to IKEA to buy my Expedit shelves for my room. If you do plan to do this in the future, do yourself a favor and take a buddy with you. These things are HEAVY!!!! So $200 in purchases later, and a side trip to Crate and Barrel, I was on the way home. DH had made pulled pork in the Crockpot for dinner and it was very good.

We’ve got a couple big shows coming up in April. The first is April 3rd in Orlando, and the second is April 18th here in Tampa. We are doing the Greats of Broadway, and with a big name Broadway arranger working with us on the shows. I can tell it’s going to be great. The Tampa show is going to be at the First Baptist Church downtown and tickets are $15. I’ll have more on how to get tickets when it gets closer to the time. Hope everyone has a chance to see it. If you want more info, just give me a holler!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's back to the grind again.

Well, first off, let me tell you that Winter Retreat was just fabulous! I had a wonderful time as always. I think the highlight of the weekend for most of us was the album we presented to Linda with all our pages in it. She was just speechless. Hard to imagine Linda that way, hehe. It has to be an amazing feeling to know that you are that loved by so many people. It’s really great isn’t, it?

Looks like everyone made it home safely, with a few incidents. Poor Gerri-Anne and her trailer. I hope they get it replaced, tout suite! Joelle and I were in a roll-over caused by a blow out one Spring Break. It was pretty scary. If we hadn’t had seatbelts on, we probably wouldn’t be here right now, instead we walked away with just scratches. This is why you will never see me without a seatbelt!!! Okay, that’s it for my PSA!

And it sounds like Kip is still out of commission. Migraines are a horrible thing; I don’t wish them on anyone. I’ve had a few bad ones, but nothing like what she’s going through. I hope she gets better quick on the new meds. And I’m also glad that Woody is still here to take care of her.

But other than a few mishaps, a very good weekend over all. It’s so great to see everyone. I almost wish we could do this more than once a year. (Okay, technically we do have FGT and Creepover, and B-day, but y’all know what I mean!) I guess it’s just people like Jayne and Lauri and Natasha (who I haven’t seen in EONS!) and Kelsey and Roz just live so darned far away. I wish everyone lived right here, and in this 30 mile radius. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! We would never be bored, would we?

Anyways, I got there on Friday after the great Eagles concert Thursday night (AWESOME!) and some shopping around and prepared to work. Well, some. Well, a little. Hey, I adhered a whole album! And then spent most of Saturday working on Elle’s album class. It is so pretty. I didn’t get to my cabin book, but I’ll do that one at the next crop. I’m “hoping” to go to the crop at Incarnation, but I’m depending on someone else (as always) to give me their schedule. Long story! Otherwise, it may be March before I’m cropping again…Boo!

Sadly, on Sunday, after lots of good times and good eats, we had to pack up and leave around 10 am. We hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then down to Griffin’s. I had already been there Friday, but went back Sunday and bought us a Christmas tree. Yes, a Christmas Tree in February. But we needed one desperately, and their trees are so nice, and I found the perfect one for 80% off. So I took the plunge. Monday, I plugged the pieces in and lo and behold! They work! So happy about that!

For this week, we’re going to the Disney recording studios Saturday morning, I’m stoked about that. Afterwards, I’m going to stop at IKEA and spend some of my bonus money, woo hoo! (About 6% this year. I was SHOCKED! YAY, I can pay some bills, too! And maybe finally get my floors). I know I have lots to talk about on that end, but these things always seem to get too long, so I will hold off until another day. Now, it’s back to work time!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here Again...

Why is it when I plan to catch up around the house, I never do? UGG! DH and I went out to eat Friday. We picked up a couple of cheesesteaks, and then stopped in to BB&B. Didn’t get anything exciting, just a few things on clearance. I spent about $10.

We then stopped by FIL’s and visited with them and dh’s grandfather for a while. Everyone seems to be doing okay, considering. Today might be hard, because everyone is back at work today, but FIL will go over and take him out for coffee or something. I think he’ll be alright in the long run. Here’s hoping anyway.

Anyway, I had ½ a Chicken Philly Friday night and was fine. Then had the other ½ for lunch on Saturday, and it made me really sick. So, spent most of the time either in bed or in the bathroom. Not how I wanted to spend Saturday.

Sunday I was better though. Finished nearly all my laundry. Worked on my room some. All the embellishments are put away, so I can now (mostly) see the floor. Now I have to get the stuff out of the hallway and put it back. It’s getting there.

I’m going to rehearsal tonight instead of Thursday as Thursday is the Eagles concert. Then Friday, I’ll be off to WR. It’s looking to be another cold one weather-wise. Friday’s low is 30, high is 62, Saturday 31/60, but then Sunday a little warmer 39/66. BRRRR! (Have I told you how much I hate cold? Yet I go every year, don’t I? I am a glutton! LOL!!!)

I’ll have exciting news in the next few days about our upcoming show and all the excitement going on with that. Fun Stuff for sure.

Happy Monday.

Friday, January 23, 2009

This week...

Well, here I am. It’s been a long hard week, probably one of the longest. DH’s grandmother passed away around 5pm last Friday. Her whole family was with her when she went. She was laid to rest on Tuesday.

I have such a feeling of emptiness now. I’m sure it’s magnetized times 10 for DH and 100 for his grandfather. I’ve lost a loving family member, my gossip buddy, and my language teacher all rolled into one. It hurts…for now…but if there’s anything I’ve learned in this short time on earth, it is perseverance. We go on. We have to. If we don’t, we wilt away ourselves. And that’s not what our loved ones would have wanted for us.

So life goes on. You live it to the fullest. Everyday is a gift. Yes, I know I’m full of clichés. That’s pretty common at a time like this.

So the theme of the day…Appreciate your gifts:
-Loving family and friends who are just like family. (You know who you are.)
-Being relatively healthy and able to go out and enjoy the world.
-An ability to appreciate humor in everything. (Yes, even this. Because I know darn good and well, I’m being cussed out from above for spending way too much time on this!)
-The ability to live comfortably. Okay, I know the whole “money doesn’t buy happiness.” No, it doesn’t. But I’m grateful for the fact that we do have decent jobs, especially in this economy, and that we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. We’re not struggling day to day. I remember some lean years growing up. And I think I’ve worked hard to ensure that I won’t have to live like that any more.
-And lastly, to know that we can enjoy the beauty in the world. A flower growing, a child laughing, a kitten purring, a tropical sunset. All these things are beauty, in their own right.

I’m usually not one for maudlin or sentimental gush. My style is more sarcastic or dark humor. You regulars know that. But to quote an all-time favorite movie: “Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” (Bonus points for the person who can tell me the movie!) :P

Friday, January 16, 2009

I borowed this from Jules!

1. Do you like blue cheese? YES

2. Have you ever smoked? YES

3. Do you own a gun? NO WAY

4. What flavor Kool Aid is your favorite? FRUIT PUNCH

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? YES, I KNOW I'M GONNA GET A LECTURE ABOUT SOMETHING, LIKE MY WEIGHT.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? MMMMM....CHILI DOGS

7. Favorite Christmas movie? CHRISTMAS CAROL

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? COKE

9. Can you do push-ups? THE WUSSY GIRLY KIND I CAN

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? MY ENGAGEMENT RING


12. Do you have A.D.D? YES, MOST DEFINATELY!!!

13. Do you wear glasses/contacts? SUPPOSED TO

14. Middle name? ELISABETH

15. Name thoughts at this moment? HOW AM I GONNA MAKE IT TO 4PM???

16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? WATER, SODA AND OJ

17. Current worry? NANA AND DH

18. Current hate right now? THE COLD

19. Favorite place to be? ON A BEACH OR IN THE POOL SOMEWHERE

20. How did you bring in the New Year? I SLEPT...WE WERE SICK


22. Name three people who will complete this? LINDA, MICHELE, JAYNE

23. Do you own slippers? NOPE

24 What color shirt are you wearing? GRAY WITH LAVENDAR "GAP" LETTERS

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? NO...STATIC ELECTRICITY

26. Can you whistle? NOPE

27. Favorite Color? PURPLE

28. What songs do you sing in the shower? NONE

29. Would you be a pirate? ONLY IF I CAN HANG WITH JACK SPARROW (SWOON!)

30. Favorite Girl's Name? SIOBHAN, NATALIE

31. Favorite boy's name? ALEXANDER

32. What's in your pocket right now? POCKETS ARE EMPTY

33. Last thing that made you laugh? OUR DIRECTOR LAST NIGHT AND HIS ACCENT.

34. What vehicle do you drive? FORD EXPLORER

35. Worst injury you've ever had? TORE OUT MY KNEECAP PLAYING SOFTBALL WHEN I WAS 10.

36. Do you love where you live? I DO, JUST WISH I HAD A LITTLE MORE ROOM.

37. How many TVs do you have in your house? A LOT!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just an update

No sooner had I finished, than "girlfriend" shows up in the backyard.

Miles is jumping from window to window trying to "talk" to her. too, too funny!

Happy Weekend!

Goodness, is the weekend here already! I'm so glad. Getting 4 hours of sleep the night before will do that to you, ya know?

So, what did you all think of that game? Wasn't it great? Well, of course the Gators are victorious, did we expect anything else? I know I'm singing..."We are the boys of Old Florida, Down Where the Old Gator Plays." So, the question now is, will Tebow be back? I say yes. I think he really wants to finish his degree. Its good to know, that despite being probably one of Florida's best quarterbacks, his life is way more than football. And unfortunately, his style of quarterbacking won't make it in the if he wants to become the next Mike Alstott, I'm sure Gruden can find a spot for him, hehehe!

I'm off to the mall today, hopefully to find my t-shirt. I may go to Kohl's this morning, too, they are having Power Hours and I want to use my gift card. But I don't know what I need. Pants are the biggest thing, but buying pants are such a huge PITA, being big and short at the same time is not a good combination.

Well, DH's grandmother went back to the hospital. She's been in and out since before Christmas. I got a call Monday morning that she has gone into liver failure. She had been diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrohsis this summer. They've drained several liters of fluid from her stomach. She's also had to fight off a host of infections, but we did hear on Thursday that her white cell count had gone way down, so that's good. Just taking it one day at a time. She's very tired and weak, and I'm not sure how much fight she has, but it's out of our hands at this point.

So now, I'm going to go pay a few bills and clean up the house. Fascinating stuff, let me tell you. (GRRR Miles just knocked off my connection. Have to fix it!) Okay, I'm back. He's silly. Now he's looking out the window, looking for his "girlfriend" the black and white kitty that wonders around the neighborhood. One morning I woke up to some caterwhauling, it was her climbing on the outside of the screen, and Miles screeching on the inside.

Well, that's all for now. Off to bask in some football glory! See ya!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year!

Well, this weekend our house was full of sickness. First, DH and now, me. UGG!!!! I took a Zyrtec yesterday and pretty much slept the day away. Now, I’m at work muffling through. At lunch I’m going to go to the store and get some decongestants (something that won’t make me sleep). Sigh! I was supposed to go to the crop in Ruskin this weekend, but had just too much crap to do, and now I’m kinda glad I didn’t, because I would have given this to everyone else. And I’m sure no one would have appreciated that. But hopefully, I’ll get over it pretty quick, and try and go to Sarasota this weekend. One day at a time, I say, right?

New Year’s Eve we went to Mike and Dawn’s, but DH was so out of it on cold medicine I had to drag him home at 11. We fell asleep quickly after that, and missed the ball drop. DH says “It’s a big crystal ball, it’s in Time Square and it drops. Just like last year. What is there to miss?” So true, so true. I tried to get the tree down on NYD, but he was out for the count and there is no way I can get in the attic by myself. (darn my shortness and fear of ladders!)

Friday it was back to work time. But they did let us leave early. At 2:30. Woohoo, a whopping hour and a half. I think it was because the boss walked around and saw everyone on the internet and figured out we weren’t going to work anyway. Gee, you think!

Saturday, DH was feeling better, but I was starting to get that little throat tickle. We managed to get the entire house taken down and packed up, and all the usual pictures, table cloths, etc, were put back in the position they are the other 11 months out of the year.

Now, what about that CK debacle with the Project 365 album? Once again they have decided to make a name for themselves. And it was NOT a good one. I had sworn off of them after the whole Hall of Fame fiasco last year, but with all the buzz on this one, I figured, what the hell, right? Always listen to your gut, I say. So, I tried to get in, and tried and tried, and just kept getting bounced out. Or the screen would sit there and not move. So I decided to try it later. Well, a half hour later and guess what? All sold out…And no apologies, no explanation. Just a huge mess AGAIN! And I’m seeing people being charged $15 and $20 for shipping, when the kit itself was only $30!!! Come on CK, get on the ball!!!!

I’m listening to the Joe Henry albums I downloaded yesterday. He’s pretty obscure, so those of you who don’t know who he is, if you ever see those “Tribute” videos that TCM does at the end of the year, he does the haunting background music. He’s considered “Alt. Country” which to me isn’t really country. It’s more bluesy-jazzy-folksy type of music. Anyway, I am really enjoying it right now.

Well, that’s all for today. Have fun!