Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some ramblings

So, the weekend went way too fast, of course. Had a fun time with the kiddoes as always. It seems like a lot of people either weren’t trick or treating, or weren’t home to give out trick or treats. One co-worker just noted that it might be because of the swine flu. I didn’t think about that, I was thinking more of the economy and people not having extra money to spend on costumes and candy and the like. But that’s okay, the kids still ended up with a buttload. I had to negotiate for my share, of course.

Let’s see...hard to believe it was a month ago yesterday that I came back from England. Time flies. Had some good memories. Wish I had more of them, but sometimes things happen. Oh, well! I love big cities and exploring them. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ve already got some must sees planned out. One thing I did find is that the food is very bland. We ate a few pubs, and it seems like they just don’t use a lot of seasoning in things. And they sure do like their peas. Even mushy peas! Y’all know how I feel about peas. I tried fish and chips, and a steak sandwich (two different places) and they were okay, but blah. I guess blah was a good thing considering, but I really wanted some flavor going on.

I really, really, REALLY wanted to find a good Indian place, but I knew my stomach couldn’t tolerate it. I will say that we found a nice Italian place that I really liked on the last night. It was a little upscale, but the food was very good. I had the spaghetti and meatballs. I made friends with a couple from up near Manchester (I think). When we were on a break, she offered me a piece of her brie. Their brie is a lot more pungent then what we’re used to buying in the states. I found that interesting. Oh, and they do not have Jell-o in the UK. Trust me, I looked. There was a point where all I wanted was Jell-o and it was no where to be found. Well, live and learn!


melanie said...

joe is playing friday night at Winners and Sat night at Eukelees on 41....i was at your old stomping grounds all day yesterday, drove the car right up on the sidewalks and let meg out so she could hobble to class

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elle said...

even though the food was bland, i'm sure you had a great time on your trip. peas?? oh mar just the type of food you adore,lol!! i would have thought the fish and chips would have been great. you're right, live and learn!