Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello All!

Just a quick check in to let everyone know I am alive. I survived the birthday party, and the Alligator Alley shenanigans. I would post pictures, but I am having issues with Picasa. Any experts out there? It opens fine, and then when I click on something, like import or add folder, it locks up on me. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling it, but to no avail. DH seems to think it’s a Vista issue.

Well, now RC has gone and cancelled our stop in Cozumel. I’m really bummed about that, because I was looking forward to our excursion at Nachi Cocum. And since I am pushing for Eastern Caribbean next year, I don’t know when I will get a chance to go again. That really sucks.

The media hype on the Swine Flu is enormous. It is just ridiculous. It’s the flu, people, it happens. “OH, but people are dying.” Yes, they are. In Central Mexico. Where they have no access to doctors, or medicines or heck even clean water for that matter. Get a grip!!! People die from flu bugs all.the.time. Take the usual flu precautions, but don’t jump off a cliff for cryin’ out loud.

Well, I’m a busy beaver trying to get everything done in the next two weeks. Help me now!!

A couple shout outs today. To my friend Teri. I hope you are doing well and everything is okay. Call if you need me. And to Debi, who’s puppy has a tumor. Lots of love and hugs to him and to your family.

Monday, April 20, 2009

In case you haven't heard....

I know this has made the rounds, but thought I would show a different song this time to show this amazing woman’s versatility. I am so inspired by her. She gives hope to all of us “Plain Janes” out there.

I love the original version of this song, originally done by Julie London. A) because she was a fantastic singer in her time and B) because she was Nurse Dixie on my favorite 70’s show, Emergency! I love “I Dreamed a Dream” too, it was my own “audition” piece back in the day. It’s so funny, I actually mentioned to someone 3 weeks ago about going back to it. But since this has come out, time to find a new piece, LOL! No way will I do it justice now.

Of course, our director has gotten about a gazillion emails saying “Have you seen Susan Boyle?” He even told us of his father calling over from England saying “Have you seen Susan Boyle?” Funny stuff. He did tell us on Saturday that his “people” (and he has way more “people” then all of our “peoples” put together) is trying to work out a deal to have her perform with us in London this fall. Wouldn’t that be beautiful???

I’m still tired from this weekend. I’m not 19 anymore, this hectic performance schedule catches up to me a lot quicker then it did back then. I was thisclose to calling in sick today to get caught up on house stuff, but I didn’t. I need vacation days for later in the year, when DH and I go to the beach, and I always save one for Creepover and any other little events here and there that come up. I always want to carry over as many as I can, “just in case.”

So, this week I’ll be playing catch up. I’m driving down to SoFla on Friday for Tita’s first birthday. It’s actually on the 2nd, but her party is Saturday. I’ve got to go shopping in there somewhere too.

But we were in bed so early last night; I think I was out by about 9:15. I didn’t even clean up the kitchen after dinner. YUCK! So I have that waiting for me when I get home, so right at 4, I’m gonna book straight on out of here, so I can get home and get it done!!

I started the last leg of my room makeover/under, whatever you want to call it yesterday. Sorting the patterned paper. Man, that is a hard job, I don’t even think I’m half way through yet. There’s specialty papers, and “event” papers. I’ve got one whole section that is nothing but Christmas. Then you sort the stripes, and the flowers. Soft pastels, brights, darks....Then there are the “brands” that have to stay together. Basic Grey, BoBunny, Crate paper, it’s endless. Then I set a drawer aside for just the “Stacks” I’ve gotten from JoAnn’s/Michaels. The ones I just can’t seem to part with. I do actually use those, for cards and such, so I’m hoping sticking them in a drawer doesn’t mean out of sight out of mind. I started this project back around Thanksgiving, and now I am finally seeing some closure. Halleluiah!

Oh, one last tidbit of news, Dh’s grandfather sold their house. They have the closing pending for June 9th. Now we’ve got to find a place for him, tout suite. We have to clean out the house too, that will be a job. They do have an extra fridge and freezer in their garage that I would like to get either one or the other, since he will not have a garage probably in a condo. Just trying to figure out our own garage configuration, but it’s looking more and more like one of us will just have to not park in the garage. Well, we’ll think about that tomorrow. Sigh!

20 days until vacation. I’m so ready!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Good Friday

Well, it is a GOOD Friday, isn’t it? I’m glad it’s Friday, aren’t you. Just had a yummy lunch at The Shrimp Store.

Nothing going on the world right now. So just taking a few moments to catch up. How about those Rays? 2-1 against the BoSox! Great way to start the season, boys.

The pollen sure is kicking my ass this week. DH too, as my allergies keep HIM awake. Oops! Good thing we have a comfy couch. That Claritin (or as the box says “Wal-itin”) must work really well, as I haven’t heard any more complaints.

Number One on the agenda for tomorrow is to get the car washed. Between the pollen and the sea salt from the high winds, my car is looking pretty pitiful. (Well, it always kind of does, but this time worse than ever.) Lunch is at Texas Roadhouse is on the agenda as well. I think we’re making those grape jelly meatballs for dinner tomorrow with some mac-n-cheese and some veggies. Maybe some more asparagus if it still looks good.

Doing my part to stimulate the economy as well. Did some damage at Macy’s the other night on shirts. Now I need some shorts/skorts/capris/something to get me through vacation and summer. Oh, ixnay the capris, I got two pair on line at NY&Co a few weeks ago, so I’m mostly looking for shorts/skorts/skirts maybe. Who knows? I’ll start at Sears and Penney’s. Sear’s looks promising, just checked out their website. 50% off all dresses. Then I have a 20% off coupon at Kohl’s, I’ll try them next. And I’ll have to hit Dillard’s some time next week too. They have the best lingerie selection. Hey, it is a vacation, you know? Then we’ll have a Wal-Mart run for toiletries, a case of water, our “first aid”supplies (Tums, Pepto, Gas-X, etc.), suntan lotion, all that good stuff. Nothing like a week’s vacation to stimulate the economy, eh?

Hey, speaking of Sear’s, look what I just found? Think it’ll make a good formal night dress?

I got Easter basket goodies at Target last night. Oh, what fun that always is. Candy galore this time of year, isn’t it? I also picked up eggs for 49 cents between the coupon and the sale price. Michele would be so proud of me.

Don’t forget big show next Saturday night! Be there or be square!!!