Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And it's Tuesday..

Has anyone EVER paid $99 for the 2/$99 special at Visionworks? I just want to know. Because I paid way more than that for my two pair last night. Of course, I have to get the Poly ones, because I’m a damn klutz. And the glare resistant, or whatever they’re called. And you have to get the special UV lenses for the sunglasses. $231 later for two pairs. EEK! And that doesn’t include the eye exam. Man, I sure miss not having vision coverage.

Not sure if I’ll make it out to vote today. I have to pick up my glasses at Citrus Park, after 6, and then try and swing back past the house, and I’m not 100% sure I’ll make it in time, but I’ll try. I’m feeling pretty disenfranchised, anyway. And I don’t think the Property Tax Amendment will get 60% (although I’d feel better if I went and made sure, KWIM?) Most people I know are against it. It just isn’t enough to help people out and all it’s going to do is take money from elsewhere for a piddly $20 a month? That’s just not worth it.

Kip and Diana talked me into going to Debbie Schuh’s class at Scraptopia. (Okay, they really didn’t have to talk to me too hard). It looks really neat. I’d actually like to do both classes, but I’m being mindful of my budget. (Aren’t I a good girl?) The lady I spoke to recognized my name, because she is on the Brandon Little League board with our cousin Robbie. Small world, eh?

I really wanted Johnny Weir to win Sunday nite. He’s come along way, and I remember someone asked him during the Grand Prix Final what happened and he said “I grew up”. That’s something to admit. I didn’t care for the interview he gave Sunday, he seemed to revert a little bit back to his “diva” ways. But I got to give some crap to NBC. WTH was up with them putting him and Lysacek on the couch together. It’s well known that these two do not like each other, and all it did was make them look uncomfortable. This is a sporting event, not the freakin’ Dr. Phil show. All NBC managed to do was to sink to a “Jerry Springer” level. UGG!!
Last comment, on the pairs skate, did you all here about the marriage proposal? Well, I thought that was hooey. I’ve seen John Baldwin around for a long time, and he’s a big blowhard. I think it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. I thought for a while there, Rena was going to say no, she didn’t look happy. You can read all about it here: http://www.signonsandiego.com/sports/20080127-9999-1s27zeigler.html

Monday, January 28, 2008

This Weekend

Good Morning. How is everyone? Did you have a good weekend? I did. Just took it easy a little bit. No crop on Saturday unfortunately, which was a bummer. But, hey, what can you do? So, I putzed around the house some. I bought a new file cabinet for the computer room at Target, but haven’t cleaned the old one out yet, so it’s sitting in the hallway.

DH and I drove to Clearwater to have lunch at Fatburger. YUM! He took the Triple King challenge. And, yep, he ate the whole thing. But they were out of T-shirts. And certificates. Oh, and they can’t take your picture without the T-shirt or the certificate. They’ll call us when they come in. So, he did all that for nothing. Well now that’s a gyp!

Sunday, I met Michele and Cody at Jake’s. They really liked it. Michele thought the burgers at 5 Guys were juicier, but Cody liked Jake’s burgers better. Being burgered out, I opted for a hot dog. But we all got shakes. The real made from milk, milkshakes. Oh, so good!!! YUM!!!! Now, those were to die for.

The US Figure Skating Championships were this weekend, so I spent a large amount of time in front of the TV. You want to hear something funny (or maybe not-so-much). 3 of the 4 top ladies are TOO YOUNG to go to Worlds? How do you like that? So the top spots for the World Team went to the 2nd, 4th, and 7th place finishers. Kimmie Meisner placed 7th and still gets on the World Team? Her performance was horrible. I could understand if she had a great Grand Prix, but she fell apart there, too. What’s to say she’s not going to bomb out at World’s too? Don’t get me wrong, I like Kimmie a lot, she’s a great girl, great personality, but her performances this past year have just been abysmal. I think the girl ahead of her (Katrina Hartner) should have gotten the spot, but USFSA’s argument is that she has no international experience.

I think someone somewhere has to go over the rules again. Dick Button made a good point, the rule was put in place so these young kids don’t blow out their bodies before their time, but they’re doing it anyway! So it’s not stopping anything. If you want to get them to stop killing themselves, then you need to look at the scoring system and the way it works.

Well, I could go on. I’ll save my comments on the men’s event tomorrow.

How about an IPOD update? Right now, we're playing Nelly "It's gettin' hot in here, so take off all your clothes". I wish it were hot, it's been freezing the last few days.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Update

Hi all! Just a quick update to wrap up the week. My evaluation went very well. It is rather uneventful, actually. I like that. Uneventful is good. I did increase my revenue by almost 50% and my write-offs stayed at about the same percentage (slightly lower actually). I got a 5% raise for the year AND a BIG bonus. (Well, the biggest one I’ve ever gotten, anyway). Hooray for me!

I am sad as my work buddies keep dwindling. Today is my friend Ellen’s last day. She’s been such a great asset around here and a good friend. But I know she’s going to greener pastures, which we all have to do in life. So I will take her to lunch and wish her well. Part of me wishes I could go with her, but I have to be loyal to Eric. So unless he quits, or something drastic happens, we’ll be stuck with each other.

So, what am I doing with my bonus money? Well, Monday is my eye exam, so I see at least 2 new pairs of glasses in my future. Our vacation is pretty much paid for, and our tax refund will go toward spending money so don’t have to worry about that. Some of it might go to the Best Buy bill (although most of that is DH’s). The rest will probably go to get new tile for the house. We’ll do the kitchen, sunroom, entryway and laundry room. I have no idea what I’m going to get. I know Flooring America is doing a one-year no-interest deal, so maybe I’ll start there. If anyone knows any good tile places/people, give me a holler! I will say moving that washer/dryer is going to be a bitch, because we have issues with our dryer hose. OY! But our house will be so much prettier when we get rid of that ugly linoleum!

I’ll be at Paradise tomorrow cropping the day away. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve got to try and get caught up some. YAY!! I can’t wait.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Here we are again

Happy Monday. Okay, maybe not so happy. But I’m here. This is valuation week, which I never look forward too. I always have this feeling of fear and dread. Although, mostly unfounded, as people have told me. My co-worker had his review last week, and it went surprisingly well, he said. He got a bonus, and since his work is pretty much dependant on my work, it seems to reason that I would get a bonus as well. I’m still a nervous wreck, though, and it doesn’t help when one of the big bosses doesn’t really like you.

She did approve my schedule change, however, which shocked me. DH has to go to a 5-day work week, and his new hours are 6 – 2:30. So, to make life easier, since I pretty much get up with him, I asked to be moved to 7-4. And it worked!!! WOW! It starts March 10th. So, I’ll have to get up, probably a half hour earlier (5:15am), but the commute will be cut by at least 10 minutes because of less traffic, I am hoping. But, man that is so, so, early. And y’all know, I am NOT a morning person. But for the two of us, I think it will work out okay. Heck, maybe I’ll have time to workout. Yeah, right!

I found my room again. It looks fairly clean. I still have to go through drawers and paper bins and sticker binders, but from a looks standpoint, it looks pretty clean. I actually found some projects to work on this Saturday. (Message to Linda/Michele: I need directions to THCS, I always get lost on what street to turn on). I also went through a big box of stuff Dawn gave me, and organized it some what, as she wants me to work on her Vegas album. And it’s A LOT of stuff, two trips worth, and just like me, they save everything. What’s even cooler, is they both JOURNALED about the trip. WOW! That will be a lifesaver, when I start that project.

The baby shower yesterday was nice. Good food catered by Olympia. I highly recommend them, especially the Vegetable Lasagna and their meatballs. Here’s a link to some pics here: http://TomSweetSite.com

Jayne, Jayne, Jayne, What happened to your Pack? What a disappointment, I really didn’t want the Giants to win. Now, I don’t know who to root for in the Super Bowl? I hate the Giants, but at the same time, I’d like to see the Dolphins keep their undefeated record from way back when. This is going to be a toughie!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And you are????

Okay, it’s one thing when I get invited to showers of people I know, and you sorta have to go to. But now I’m getting invitations to showers of people I don’t know!!! WTF????

I had no clue who this person was, so I asked DH’s grandmother. Turns out it’s DH’s cousin’s (his grandfather’s nephew) STEP-daughter. Huh???? I’ve never met this person before in my life. There was an email on the invite (love when people do that!) and sent my regrets today. (Sorry, can’t make, oh by the way, who the HELL are you????)

Kip and Teri, here’s a story for you. I’m purging out all my old scrapbook magazines, trying to make some room. I’m flipping through an old issue of CK and all of a sudden, there’s Teri’s face staring at me. Then I see Kip, and then Amy, and Robin, and a few people I didn’t know. WOAH!! Where’d that come from?!?!?

It was from the June ’04 CK, and it was a submission from Chrissy in NPR? (Don’t know her). I guess it was a pic of you all from the old CK board. And I guess before I met you, Kip. (Wasn’t it at the ’04 Creepover in October we met?) How freakin’ cool! I kept the page, btw. For posterity. So if anyone wants to see it, I’ll scan it in.

DH got a new toy this weekend. He bought the 160 gb IPOD. He is in hog heaven, let me tell you. Unfortunately, he is always on the computer loading it up. We have two computers, but the second one doesn’t have internet access. But he’s using the second computer to upload movies, because the first computer is for Itunes and music. (The DVD burner on the first computer doesn’t work.) Don’t ask, too technical. But he is very happy, and the uploading process has been surprisingly smooth.

Another big shocker in the B. household. Angie and Miles are co-existing. I won’t say getting along, because there is still a little hissing here and there, and Angie does retreat to the closet. But we’ve been keeping the doors open and they have been (Well, more Miles, then Angie) going back and forth, and no bloodshed. Hooray!!!!

Lastly what does a 30% off Kohl’s coupon + a $50 giftcard =? A very happy Mary. So, shopping for me tonite, YAY!!!! I like to use up my gc’s right away, because sometimes they charge those stupid fees. I’m using my Citrus Park cards in a few weeks at Vision Works for some new glasses. I lost my sunglasses (again!) and since it’s been more than 2 years since my last exam, I got to make a new appointment. Greaaat! Not!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hump Day is Here!

So, I’ve made it half way through the week. Been fairly quiet around here. Football season is effectively over. Bummer. Oh, well, there’s always next year! Storm season starts in March, I always look forward to that. Gives us something to do in the down season.

Next weekend I have to go to a baby shower for one of the “pseudo” cousins. Can’t you tell I’m excited, NOT! I hate these things with a passion. A lot of fake people I don’t even know. But I think the worse part is having to brave Babies R Us this weekend to pick up a gift. I freakin’ hate that place more than anything!!!! I’m going to try the new Toys R Us in Wesley Chapel, according to the website “Babies R Us” is located inside the store, so I don’t know how great the selection is, but if it keeps me from going to the one on Hillsborough, it’s worth a try.

In the meantime, DH has been out for a few days with a bad back. He’s not sure how he did it; it didn’t start until late on Monday. He says he feels better today and will probably go back to work tomorrow. That stinks.

We took our whole tree down on Saturday, and everything is now put away for another year. YAY! It’s sad and happy at the same time. We then met some friends for dinner and watched some of the games, and had a few drinks. Always fun.

Linda pointed to the challenge on Ali’s blog for the word of the year. I think the word for me is going to be balance. Balance between work and home and family and friends, all sorts of them. It’s hard, sometimes I just want to crawl up in a hole away from the world, but I know the more I get out, the happier I am. I’m jonesin’ for the Hilltop Crop on the 26th. I’m hoping to go, and hope a lot of you out there will too! It will be fun to catch up and put my mind to things.

Did you see the new Crop-a-dile II? Oh my, isn’t that the coolest? I’m curious how heavy it is, though, that’s my only concern. But I think it will make a nice addition to my other Crop-a-dile, don’t you?

I’ll leave you with a rendition of “What’s playing on my Ipod now?” It is Pop Life by Prince. Those are good, wake up and work songs! Hehe!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Catching up on the New Year...

I was going to wait until tonite and update with some pictures, but it looks like a few of you are jonesing for something to read, so here ya go.

I’m answering Jayne’s High School challenge. Beings that it’s my 20th this year and all. No, I’m not going. I went to the 10th, and to be honest, it was a bore. I had more fun with Joelle’s reunion and seeing all my catholic school friends. (I had to go to public school, in the ’hood, as we were too poor!) I do also have one of those double shots, with the profile, but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m sure my mother still has it. She’s more of a pack rat than I am, if that’s at all possible.

So Happy New Year, everyone!!! How’s it going so far? It’s the 4th, and I’m already behind. Do you believe I haven’t even finished taking the tree down? Sad, sad, sad, I know.

We celebrated New Year’s with Mike and Dawn and about 50 other close friends and family for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Lots of food, and beer, and sangria. The Drunco girls were well represented. DH’s hockey buddy Al was there and his wife Debbie. We’re going out to LeeRoy’s with them on Saturday nite, with a few of Debbie’s college buddies. We got giftcards for Christmas, so that will really work out well for us!

I always seem to make the same resolutions every year, lose weight, save money, get organized. Do I keep them? Of course not. I must say in the first two categories, I’ve done okay. I’ve been real mindful of what I eat and have tried not to over eat. I’m trying to cut back on snacks and all that stuff, and so far so good.

I also have not used my credit card ONCE this year. Hooray for me! I’m looking good!

Now, on the organization front, eh, not so good. Did I mention my tree is still up? Well, part of that is not getting my ass off the couch on New Years, after partying until 3am. I’m just too old for this! But my room is a catastrophe. Not as bad as it was Christmas Day when you couldn’t see the floor, but still pretty bad. I need to get some sort of order/overhaul in the next week or so started. I want to crop with Hilltop either the 19th or 26th, but I need to FIND my stuff first before I can do anything. Well, we’ll work on that as soon as the tree is down.

I’ll leave you with a thought for the day. DH’s grandfather is a very wise man. He once told me: “There are three sides to every story. Yours, mine and the truth”. Very wise indeed!