Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Good Morning, Good Morning. Hope everyone was well. Had a great time at Rubon Rouge this weekend. It was way too much fun. I ate a lot, drank a little (okay, a lot!) and worked on some projects. I’ll have to post some pictures soon! It was great getting to hang out with all my buds and just relax.

We lost a Hollywood legend on Saturday, with Paul Newman’s passing. I got to meet him (and Robby Benson) when I was about 12 years old. I remember how nice he was, and how pleased he was to meet us and take pictures with us. They were in Ft. Lauderdale filming the movie “Harry and Son”, and were filming some footage at my step-dad’s work. If you’ve ever seen the movie, there is a scene near the beginning where Paul Newman is bowling with his buddies and he bowls a strike. Well, he didn’t really bowl that strike. My step-dad did. Creative editing (ie, the magic of film) just made it look like he did. I’m not sure if he even knew how to bowl, it was just in the script. But, it is a memory that I will cherish forever.

SingLive rehearsals start in a week. I can’t believe summer is over all ready, and here we are preparing for Christmas. We’ll be singing at the Candlelight Processional in EPCOT around November 28th or 29th. Disney hasn’t firmed up the dates yet. So, if you want to mosey over to Disney that weekend, of course, you are more than welcome. It will be good to get back in the swing of things, anyway!

Speaking of Christmas, I think I may start some Christmas cards this weekend at the Ta-ta’s crop. I’d like to get a jump on them, and not procrastinate, like I always do. We’ll see how that goes.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Breakin' the law...Breakin' the law...

Yes, yours truly is a scofflaw, a criminal, a fugitive from the law. Yours truly has gotten..... A Speeding Ticket!!!!! (insert Dragnet music here!)

Yes, I fought the law...but the law won! Well, in this case, FHP. (And yes, I have a slightly low opinion of FHP, which may sound odd coming from a LEO’s spouse. But FHP has a low opinion of other LEA’s, so that goes both ways, I’m afraid!)

Sigh, I left the office Wednesday morning to go to a doctor’s appointment. And as I came across the Howard Franklin, at the end of the hump, there the sneaky bastard was with his radar hiding behind the concrete barrier. I tried to slow down, but I had forgotten my sunglasses and couldn’t see too well, so by the time I did, it was too late.

So, I got 80 in a 65. $185 plus driving school. And truth be known, I really only have myself to blame. I was an idiot. I was cruising in the left lane (something I never do, but I wasn’t getting off until Dale Mabry), and I let my usual Spidey senses go that morning, beings it was not rush hour (also unusual for me) with almost no traffic. So, I will pay the price.

This is my first ticket since ’02. This will also be my fourth driving school attempt. What, Mar, you didn’t learn the first 3 times? No, I never do. I’m a speed demon, I will the first one to admit it. And I take full responsibility for it. And pay the price when I get caught. My mom says I drive like my grandfather, he was the same way. Guess that’s why I drive an SUV and not a Mustang (which DH has been toying with the idea, heavens forbid!) I also have to realize, I am NOT young and cute anymore and can’t flirt my way out it, like I did in my college days. (My roommate was so envious of how I could get my way out of a ticket. I must have been pulled over a dozen times in my four (+) years of college, and only got two tickets. And one was a WOMAN FHP trooper!)

So, yes, some of us are drug addicts, some rob banks for a living. Others? Just can’t drive 55!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two tags in one day!

First is from Teri! I got the blog award! Yay me!!!

Next is from Jules:


5 years ago I

1) was skinnier

2) was still working here!

3) was 5 years younger

4) hadn't met Jules or Kip yet

5) Was hangin out "underground", LOL!

5 things on today's "to do" list

1) reports for 08

2) my nails

3) get everything packed for tomorrow

4) print pictures for our project Saturday

5) figure out what to eat for dinner

5 snacks I enjoy

1) snickers

2) Wavy Lays

3) Trail Mix (preferably Target brand)

4) Chips Ahoy

5) Those little powdered donuts from the store

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire

1) buy a bigger house

2) cruise around the world

3) pay off the bills

4) buy new cars

5) have the hugest crop ever with all my friends.

5 places I have lived

1) Lutz

2) Tampa

3) Ft. Lauderdale

4) Gainesville

5) Long Island

5 jobs I have had

1) McDonald's

2) Walgreen's

3) Marshall's

4) waitress at Rocky Roccoco (pizza place in G'ville)

5) Analyst (my current job)

I tag Miami Dawn, Michele, Jayne, Teri, Linda!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Week

Oh, it’s Monday again. Uggg...I just don’t want to start this week, let me tell you. But I am here, and raring to go. Yeah, right! Crazy Bitch is playing on the IPod. Pretty appropriate for me today, wouldn’t you say?

Hey, I got some stuff done at the crop (yes, I did!) Worked on my clock some. Still a few little things to go (the picture, specifically). Finished the album kit, my SIL gave me. I’ll put pics in it and a few more embellishments, and give it back to her. And I did a few more pages in the boys’ mini books.

Linda and the gals did a great job on Saturday, as usual. It was a lot of fun, and got to meet some great new people, too. Deb and her husband are so gracious to let us use their church. They are very kind.

I got (almost) the entire house cleaned on Sunday. I’ll finish up the floors tonite, and I’ll be good. YAY me! Then I’ll spend some time in my scrap room getting ready for the Pink Crop this weekend. That will be a blast.

Great sports weekend too! Gators won! (Although, a lot of the columnists I am reading are not giving us much credit.) Bucs won in a nail biter (I swear, I just can’t watch anymore, it’s always so intense.) And of course, the Rays make it to playoffs. They have 6 games to clench the division. I’d love to hear the announcers cheer “The Rays won the pennant, the Rays won the pennant”, but I am getting ahead of myself, I know. We’ll see.

We made gorditas last night, and Publix had avocados on sale, so I made some homemade guacamole. One of my favorite things ever! YUM!!! I don’t have a recipe, I just through in what I have and it comes out different every time. Looking back now, I forgot to add any garlic, but I didn’t have any fresh anyway, so it’s all good.

I’m thinking about doing a Pampered Chef show in October. They are doing a 60% off Simple Additions special for hostesses, and I love the polka dot set. I’d love to get a few Christmas things too. So, we may shoot for around the 15th for that, I’m thinking. I’ll let y’all know.

I tried to watch “Michael Clayton” last nite, but couldn’t get through it. I love looking at George Clooney, but the last few movies of his I’ve watched have put me to sleep. Tell me this movie gets better????

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's here

Ah, I think I’m finally starting to get out my funk. It’s this time of year. Those of us in “tax/financial” world know that the corporate extensions are fast upon us, and everyone always waits until the last minute. Which always means a world of stress for me. And then when I’m home, all I want to do is vegetate, and hibernate, and any other word that ends in an “ate”.

One thing that always relieves stress from my mind is that the bosses are in Europe for the next three weeks. YAY!!!! So doing a happy dance at work today. Although, between you and me, there’s not going to be much work done around here, I have a feeling. Hehehe!

Well, I got the bad news on my car. The evaporator core had a leak. The price tag? How about $800!!!! Yep, that’s what it is. The mechanic refilled the Freon for now, and when it runs low, DH is going to try and refill it himself, like he’s been doing on the Taurus. We’ll see how it goes, and then work from there. At least it’s cold right now, and we’ll see how long it lasts. It’s one of those “cross that bridge when we come to it things”.

Got some big crop events coming up. The PINK Crop at Ruban Rouge is in two weeks, and I’m looking forward to it. And I just raised my hand for the Hilltop/KNK Pink Crop on the 4th. I’m really psyched up for it. I may even go to Ruskin next Saturday and surprise Linda. (shhh...don’t tell her. Hahahahahaha!)

I promised I’d make DH mac-n-cheese this weekend. Real cheese and real cream, yum! How can you go wrong, right? Now I have to think of something to go with it. Chicken tenders maybe? I’ll think of something when I go to the store tonight.

Hey, we haven't played a game of "What's on your IPOD?", lately. Let's spin the ole random function and see what we get...Wow, an oldie but goodie...Duke of Earl by Gene Chandler.

Here's to a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A new week

Ah, another week is upon us. Busy, busy, busy around here, as deadlines are looming. I just keep saying to myself “I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.” Yeah, right!

By the way, I just love our news media. Hillary was in town last nite. No, that’s not it. According to channel 8, the FREE tickets went on “sale”, Saturday. Can someone tell me how the heck you would “sell” free tickets? Doesn’t anyone proofread this stuff before it goes on the air? Oh, the free tickets “sold” out, btw...OY!

Did you know Sunday was Grandparents Day? No, we didn’t either. We just celebrated them on Mother’s or Father’s day. Ryan and Erin took Ama to Mimi’s on Sunday and we tagged along. It helped that we had a gift card, whoopee! Man, they are good though. DH had the pancakes (HUGE!) and I had the crab and avocado omelet (also huge). That place has such good food.

I got all my biopsies back. Everything came back “mild”, so now we just watch and see, and come back in January for a check-up. The moral of the story: ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN? How many of us just used the ole’ baby oil in the summer time when we were kids? Yeah, me too. And I guess I’m paying for it now.

Sounds like Hoe-Down was a blast! I’m sad I missed it. Everyone did such a great job. Finances suck, don’t they! Speaking of which, I gotta get the car in tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious.

Well, back to my cubicle now...have a great week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another week...

I’m tired. I’ve been tired all week. Might be something with my meds that are off. I go back to the dr. in a few weeks, so we’ll see.

We kept busy all weekend. DH and I went over to Ryan’s Saturday night to watch football. There was a good crowd there. Ryan is the best cook, and his ribs are awesome. Yum! Clemson lost pretty bad unfortunately. Hey, but how about them Gators! 56-10, woohoo!!! Look out Miami!

We also spent most of the weekend cleaning house for the draft yesterday. We had about 10 people over and everybody brought food. Good wings, and sandwiches. We bought pizza. I made brownies. I was going to make Stacy’s Key Lime Bars, but forgot the pudding. Oh, well, next time. Mike made these stuffed hotdogs with cheese and jalapeƱos. They were so good! But it wore me out.

I just wanted to rest yesterday, but it was DH’s grandfather’s birthday. We were supposed to go over to FIL’s to celebrate both grandparents birthdays, but his grandfather is in the hospital again. They think it is his kidneys, so he may have to go on the dialysis machine. So, we just went over for a few hours and had dinner. I also played Monopoly Jr, with the kids. Never too early to learn, DH says. LOL! Then we came home and went to bed. I’m bushed! Oh, and I got signed up for Creepover yesterday, too, YAY me!!!!

Also last week, a dear friend of mine had to bury her husband at 46. That’s just way too young. It was very sad, and surreal. Cancer is a bitch, let me tell you.

I get paid on Friday, thank goodness. My car is doing a Kip, and my A/C is acting up. It takes about 45 minutes to cool off, and when it finally does it’s cool air, but not cold. That’s not cool (pardon the pun!)

So here’s for a good week. Let’s hope I can stay awake for it.