Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new week!

Yes, bad blogger, I know! Sorry about that. Work has been a bitch, busy, busy, busy!!! I can’t get anything done, and everything needs to be done before I take off this week. ACK!!!! I do know people are reading though! (Hi Jeri!)

We took Abbey Cat to the vet on Friday, where they did some blood work. Turns out her thyroid is way out of whack. Her numbers were “off the charts” they said. Poor thing, no wonder she’s been out of sorts. So she will have to take a pill everyday. Yes, a pill. This should be fun (NOT!) But at least she will start feeling better. She’s gotten so grungy the last few weeks from not bathing herself, I’m tempted to dunk her in the tub. We’ll see if she turns around in the next few weeks and go from there.

Saturday was Tim Holtz day at Ruban Rouge. Two fun-filled, PACKED (in more ways than one) classes. There were lots of goodies and toys and great things to play with. The first class was more of a jewelry making class, but the techniques can be used anywhere. The second was a grungeboard collage that used all different techniques and embellishments. Very fun indeed. I loved it. He is an extremely good teacher, and I recommend that everyone take a class with him, when they can.

We had a good lunch at Queen’s, I had a gyro with fries. And for dinner, I brought home a pepperoni pizza for DH. He loves their pizza A LOT!!! I guess, I do too. Haha!

Two more days until the beach. I have nothing done. Does this surprise you? No, it shouldn’t! Rehearsals on Mondays suck. With my flex schedule, these 18 hour days are killing me. The rehearsals don’t suck. They’ve been great actually. It’s the not going to bed and falling asleep at 5:30 that kills me. Oh well, such as life.

Okay now I need to break some eggs. I’m never going to get out of level 7.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Had a fun weekend!!!

We had a great weekend at Jill’s. It was fabulous. I did not want to come home, it was so nice up there. But home, I came. Ah well, all good things must come to an end.

I spent most of my time shopping (of course), eating (of course) and just hanging out. It was very relaxing. We had a blast, just hanging out on the back deck. It was so comfortable. Jill made us feel right at home.

I spent way too much money at Archiver’s. Not only did we all go on Friday, but a bunch of us took Gerri-Anne, Barb and Sonia there on Saturday. Egads! I got my pattern paper fill, that’s for sure. Such a weakness with me. They are pricey, though. I guess they figure they have a corner on the market and they can charge for it. And considering my usual LSS has been very lean lately, this came in handy.

I tried bison burger for the first time. It was very tasty. Leaner and a little drier than ground beef, but the flavor made up for it. I’d definitely try it again. Friday’s dinner was at a charming Italian place that Jill and Scott have been going to for years. A little family owned place by real Italians. Let me tell you, I don’t think the owner knew what he was getting in for, when he let us in the place. LOL!!!! I laughed till I cried. Then laughed till I peed! OMG!!!! Saturday dinner was pulled pork and home made coleslaw. Breakfast on Sunday was homemade blueberry pancakes. How good was that? Sunday was a stop at AC Moore. It was okay. I only spent about $10, nothing to write home about. Then lunch at Red Robin. I LOVE!!!! Red Robin. I had the sirloin sliders. Oh, so tasty. Hey, Red Robin folks!!!! When are you going to open in Tampa? We need you here!!!! Oh, and I almost forgot the Saturday night frozen custard run. Very tasty. I’m not a big ice cream person, but I ate that stuff right up.

So now I’m back to the daily grind. Unpacking, and cleaning up stuff. Ginger left me a present on my blanket this morning. So I was up at 5:30 doing laundry. Isn’t that lovely? He does pick the worst times. Work, work, work.

Nothing planned for this weekend. We’re going to a party Friday night for our neighbor, Chill Bill, who is turning 40. I hope to work on a few scrappy projects and get some pool time in, between the usual house work stuff. Ackkk! I need a maid.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recovering from the 4th!!!

Yawn!!! This is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I went to bed at a decent hour. It’s just the phone ringing at 11:15 after I’ve been in a sound sleep for over an hour doesn’t help. Oh, and who was on the phone do you ask?

“Hi, this is Stephen Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning, join us on Sunday for Family Fun Fest.” Yep, 11:15...at NIGHT!!!! Way to go with programming those phones, Lightning ticket office. So I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning.

That was after a fruitless drive to Orlando for what I thought was going to be the launch for the UK trip. I went to where it was supposed to be, but no one was there. I had DH check the website, and it said to check the forum. My notebook was at work, and I didn’t have any phone numbers programmed in. I had him log under my name in the forum, and nope, nothing. I know it happened, based on a friend’s Facebook post, but damned if I know where. Very aggravating, especially after going through a half a tank of gas. Did have a good Quizno’s dinner, though, lol!! I guess I’ll just wait until next Thursday when the Tampa rehearsals start.

We had a good time on the Fourth. It was remarkably uneventful, which is fine by me. Just hung out in the ‘hood, and watched the neighborhood kiddoes play. I have to take a picture of my little friend Sarah who lives 3 doors down. The cutest little thing in her lady bug dress. Alas, I forgot. Next time for sure. I made Buffalo Chicken dip; I put shredded chicken, wing sauce, cream cheese, blue cheese dressing and cheddar cheese all in a crock pot. Stir and let it sit for a little while. Oh, yum! Maybe I should start one of those cooking blogs like Pioneer Woman. I could be rich! Okay, maybe not. But I was glad to have the three day weekend.

I’m doing 9 hour days to get every other Friday off, which will come in handy on saving me some vacation time this year. With the big trip in September, I was afraid of coming up short, not so much now.

Michael Jackson is still dead. We think... I really am not totally without compassion. I do feel for his family and the people he was closest to, it must be very difficult for them, especially since they are now in such a bubble it seems. And I do mourn for the talent that was and what could’ve been. But you know, walks like a duck, talks like a duck... Well, I’m done with that topic!

I’ve been listening to Live365 this week. A wide variety of genres on there, most of them free. I’ve got some Roots Reggae on, but it is not as “roots” as I would like it to be. Need more Marley and Bunny Wailers, if you ask me. But guess what? That’s okay, because there are 20! Other stations that play that type of music, and most of them free. Gotta love that. Yes, my music tastes are very varied! LOL! (Grrr! Speaking of molesters, R.Kelly just came on. Time to change the station. Grrr!)

Back to work. Gotta project to finish up before the weekend, and a few others I’d like to get done as well. And then off to North Carolina!! Woo Hoo! I am so looking forward to it, we’re going to have the best time with our pal Jill. Love it. See you soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Well, dang, we go from feast to famine around here. For weeks, we’ve had nothing but oppressive heat. Now the sky’s have opened up and have dumped a gallon of rain on us for the last few days. Horrible rain, with lightning and thunder, and even a tornado near by. And to top it off, I had a client meeting to go to, too. Ack!!!

I had to drive up to Dunedin, with some wacky Google map directions that got me in the complete wrong direction. Sometimes you just need to say the hell with technology, and just go with your gut. If I had done that, I would have gone straight up 19, and it would taken me half the time. Okay, now for the rest of the story. I had to pee really, really bad. And I just can’t go in someone else’s office, it’s just a weird thing for me. So, lo and behold, there’s JoAnn’s right next door. What a coinky-dink? Right? Hehe! I was very good, I’ve got to go on a spending moratorium, since I have two trips in July. The only thing I bought was the Debbie Mum travel paper pack on sale for $12.00. OMG, is it cute??? Lots of glittery pages, and there are beach, and cruise, and something that looks like a winery type page. LOVE IT!!

The weekend was great. It was the Hilltop Birthday crop, where we bring out our air mattresses and just have a big slumber party. I had a great time catching up and hanging out with my crew. We were missing quite a few familiar faces, though...Stacey and Michelle, Jules, Miss Elle, Diana, Lauri, Lori L., just to name a few....

Linda always puts on a big spread. Some of my faves, too, like fried chicken. And her egg salad is awesome, I’ll have to get the recipe for that. I finished the boys albums, yay me!!! And I did a whole Bo Bunny kit album, that is for summer. The colors go perfectly with the pics I took in the H20 zone on the cruise. I think they will look fabulous. And I just ordered all my pics, too, with a Clark coupon.

Speaking of Miss Linda, I replicated her baked ziti last night. Except, DH likes pepperoni so much, I threw some of that in too. DH already had the meat cooked for me when I got home, or else I would have thrown some onions and garlic in there too. But it was still very tasty.

So, it’s Thursday, but it’s like a Friday to me. Listening to some tunes on Pandora. Some alt.country/folk type stuff that y’all have probably never heard of. Yay! I’m hanging out with some co-worker buddies tonight at our friend Deb’s house. Tomorrow, I have major laundry and house cleaning to do, and run to the store for BBQ on Saturday. Hopefully it will clear up and I’ll get some pull time in, right? Every one have a happy Fourth!!