Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm an Aunt-ee!!!!

The boys met their baby sister on Thursday. According to Mom, Zavier just wanted to press all the buttons. Stephan was more concerned with the fact that there was something squiggly occupying his spot in Grandma's lap. LOL!

Everyone is doing well. Amazingly enough, for such a big baby, Joelle gained less than 20 lbs! She's feeling some pain from the C-section (Whoever told her the second time was easiest lied!), but will be up and at 'em in a few weeks.

Can't wait to meet her in June!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Morning, all!

Good Morning. It’s only Tuesday. Will I ever make it through the week? Sigh.

Well, last night was the Sing Live launch. It went really well. It was harder than I thought it was, but that’s a good thing. I want it to be challenging, or else it wouldn’t be any fun. Anyways, we got through two of the songs and they sounded really good. I’m really excited. I was so keyed up, and now I can’t wait for Thursdays, my regular rehearsal “pod” as they call it.

They are still looking for about 30 to 40 more singers. So, if anyone wants to join me, look here:

I think you will really enjoy it.

Now, I’m back to the daily grind. I have a nail appointment tonight and a hair appointment tomorrow. I bought another hair magazine yesterday; I still can’t decide what the heck I’m going to do with it. But I am sick of looking at it right now. This week is just so jammed packed, though.

I’ll keep you updated with our progress. I’ll probably have a few pics of my new “do” whatever that will be tomorrow nite. TTFN!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Much Time on Their Hands

Okay, I’m on a political soap-box this morning, look out! It’s over this story:

Now, seriously, if you have a pair of these on your truck, I am inclined to think that this is to make up for other, um, shortcomings in your life. I mean, what is the purpose to them, really? Other than to gross people out. “ooo, look at you, you’re so manly with those balls hanging down there” :eyeroll: But I digress...

Does our legislature really have so much time on their hands to be worried about this crap? I mean, have they lowered our property taxes significantly? Have they done anything about the insurance crisis? How about the fact that state universities are rejecting qualified students because of budget cuts? Oh, and by all means, let’s waste valuable law enforcement resources by chasing after these scofflaws, because we know there aren’t bigger criminals to catch, now are there?

Yes, let’s waste valuable tax-payer monies and resources arguing about balls. That’s brilliant! I hope everyone remembers this, come re-election time. “Yes, Senator, what important bills did you pass? Tax Relief? Education Reform?” “Why, no, I didn’t have time for that. But I did pass a law against those sinful truck balls!”

Grotesque? Yes. Repulsive? Absolutely! But, illegal? Puh-leaze!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Bargain of the Century:

Two weekends ago was the semi-annual Villa Rosa Garage Sale. We’ve participated a few times, but because our street is some what off the beaten path, we don’t get a lot of hits. So, we didn’t sell anything this time around, but DH and I got up early and put our walking shoes on to walk around the neighborhood to see what is going around.

The first house we ran into (next door to MIL’s old house), we found some good deals. One of our VCR’s died, and considering how rarely we use it, we didn’t feel like buying a new one. Well, they had one here for $1!!! Wowzers. But that wasn’t the best deal.

I got THIS:

Look familiar? But wait until you hear how much I paid for it. Are you sitting down?

$ 3!!! Yes, that’s $3 not $30! The story they told us was kids bought coffee maker for Grandpa for Christmas. Grandpa (being a cantankerous cuss, I imagine) didn’t like it. Said he didn’t want it if it only made one cup. So, Grandpa gave it to son, and son sold it for said $3 to yours truly.

We also picked up a few little odds and ends, DH got a couple shirts, I found some wrapping paper for a quarter. But then, I was off to BB&B to get some cups for our new treasure. Also, got the little K-Cup adapter, as DH has to have his Dunkin Donuts coffee. He was actually shocked at the price of the thing itself ($149). He says on the way home “You could have paid $20 for it, and still had gotten a bargain”. Then I felt guilty. For about half a second. Hehe!

Well, did you make it to Tax Day? Did you get everything filed on time or extended? Looks like we survived. Luckily most of my clients are corporate files, so by March 15th, everyone’s either filed or on extension. Talk to me around Sept. 15th, when things get crazy again with the extension deadline. 31 days until vacation. Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tagged by Jackie

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Ok, well here are 7 completely useless facts about me:
1) 46 days until I am on vacation
2) I have to have a can of coke every morning to get started. And I HATE coffee.
3) Miles, the wonder cat's favorite place to sleep is on top of my head
4) I currently have 3,806 songs on my IPOD (and growing). The song playing now is Do It ('til your satisfied) by BT Express.
5) I'm not a book reader. Unless you count the two accounting text books that I am working my way through. I do have a subscribtion to just about every magazine under the sun. (Except CK!)
6) I am more of a collector of scrap supplies, rather than a scrapbooker. I have a gazillion un-finished projects just piled up.
7) I'll eat just about anything with cheese. Within reason, of course. And I'm not really particular about the type of cheese. It's all good. It's my favorite food!

I tag Jules, Jayne, Susie, Teri, Lauri (yeah, that will happen!)