Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello again!

“We’re having a heat wave...a Tropical heat wave...The temperature’s risin’ isn’t surprisin’...”

This heat is miserable, let me tell you. It really sucks the life out of you, doesn’t it? When I get home after being in a hot car, all I want to do is flop out and do nothing. Bleh!!! So, my house is a disaster again. Eek!

What did I do this weekend? You know, I don’t remember? Hmmm... I did soak in the pool for the afternoon on Saturday. Totally needed that. Sunday was Father’s day. We went over to DH’s grandfather’s new place, ordered some chicken wings from Honey’s and spent the day watching baseball.

I had an audition workshop on Monday night. It went really well. My pitch is perfect, my expression is great...but I’m very timid. Ya think? My friend Sil actually said something I took to heart: “Mar” she said “You’d be soloing all the time, if you just had more self-confidence.” Sil’s a pro. She’s an opera singer, and had even had call backs to the Tampa Bay Opera company. Interesting, how I know Sil. She is MIL’s ex-bf’s sister. Get all that? Yeah, this family tree has more twists and turns then you shake a stick at.

But getting back to the matter at hand, Self-Confidence. Yeah, easier said than done, I say. I was such a scaredy-cat when I was a child, no thanks to my upbringing. It took a lot of years to get through that hump and not be afraid that something bad is going to lurk around every corner. I just got to pull up my boot straps, and like Nike says “Just Do It!” That’s all there is to it, right? Uhhh.. sure if you say so. LOL!

I did get to Kohl’s last night, and got a few things. Towels mostly. Beach towels, some cheap-o bathroom towels for Abbey-Cat’s bathroom, kitchen towels, potholders. I’ve been slowly replacing my kitchen towels, potholders, etc, because the ones I have are so old and nasty. Ewwww!!! Had to get myself a few things too, some blouses, a new pair of sandals. Too cute!

Birthday crop this weekend!!! YAY! My fave! Can’t wait for that. Gotta get all my junk together tonite. I’m probably going to leave work early, but I’m not sure when. I was only going to work a half day, but I ended up going home sick on Monday. So, I’ll try and get out between 2 and 3. I’ll make a few stops to the store, the liquor store, wherever. Wherever the road takes me, right?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hump Day

It’s hump day. How did I make it this far? Today is a take it easy day. No one is here on my side of the office. I’m in a cube all by myself, crankin’ the internet radio and just going to town. I guess I do need to shuffle a few papers and make it look like I did something, huh? Haha! I’m on a push to get a lot of reports out by the end of July, and since I’ve had NO days off in June, it’s good to take a little breather, I suppose.

Last weekend was the Boxer crop at the Art Institute. Interesting place. We all had a good time. Looks like they raised a lot of money for their cause. Jules and I took the wine and chocolate class. That was really good. I had also signed up for a Photoshop class which turned out to be a bit of a joke. I walked out. But the other class more than made up for it. There were a lot of auctions and raffles and things going on too, and some of our Hilltoppers won quite a few. Yay for them!!!

I’m taking it easy this week. I was going on not enough sleep all of last week, so now I need to make up for it. I had to take my car in for an oil change this morning. One of my tires keeps running flat, and it’s a tire he’s already patched once. So, I see a new set of tires in the immediate future. I’ll keep an eye out for Tire Kingdom or Tires Plus ads to see if anyone has any good deals. Or if anyone knows any, holler! Really not something I needed to do right now, as we just put $500 in to fix our air conditioner. But it is what it is. Can’t drive without tires, right?

I’ll spend the rest of the week getting my room organized. The birthday crop is next weekend, so I have to get some pages planned to work on and finish. I may start the Vegas album for Dawn I said I would do. Or I may start that the next week. Want to work on some of my own pics instead. I should have the boys’ books done this week. Just need to think of something for the front cover.

Father’s Day is Sunday. We’re supposed to all go to the Colonnade. But knowing how scatterbrained SIL is (who’s in charge) we may end up eating hot dogs on the back porch. You know how that goes. Whatever happens, I’m sure it will all work out. It always does.

Thoughts go out to my good pal Jayne today. She lost her puppy this week after an illness. Please keep a good thought for her as well.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am very tired this week. Burning the candle at both ends and not getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve had some tummy troubles too, which were keeping me up. OY!

The garage sale was okay. Sold a few things, made about $30. Spent $15 on a Cuttlebug. Yes, me with a Cuttlebug, who knew?? Now I need some do-hickeys for it. What kind of do-hickeys? I have no clue, but I need some just the same. Bought DH his favorite pizza from Q’s. I had the mini-white pizza that Linda had last time. YUMMY!!!!

Workshop on Monday. Did some gospel/spiritual. The man showing us is an attorney here locally and is awesome! Interesting tidbit of Tampa history I learned. First Baptist is going to be 150 years old. At that time, the owners brought their slaves to church with them. After the Civil War was over, the church gave the freed slaves their own church to use, and that became Beulah Baptist. That church will be 145 years old this year. We start rehearsals again for real on July 16th. The next show at the TBPAC is October 17th. OCTOBER 17th! Mark your calendars.

Tuesday was a yuck kind of day. I was really nauseous and kept running to the bathroom all night. I was in bed early, just couldn’t stay in bed, kwim? So Wednesday I woke up dog tired. I was supposed to go out with some friends for dinner and then to a seminar, and was thisclose to cancelling, but I stuck it out. The seminar was one of those self-help, become a better person deals. Not my thing, but I said I’d go and I did and now I’m done. Hehe! By 9:30 I was ready to go. But nooooo!!! My tire is just about flat. OY! We head across the street to the Quicky-Mart, but their machine is busted. I had to go all the way to 49th Street just to find a working air pump. So I didn’t get home until after 11. Another late night.

Last night we did the family thing at Olive Garden. I did manage to get home at a decent time to go to bed early, but I was too tired to sleep. Ever have that feeling? So tossed and turned some more and here we are today.

I’ll be headed out here in a few minutes for the Florida Boxer Rescue crop. Looks like all kinds of fun stuff going on there. I’ll run home to get my stuff, and then over to the Art Institute. So not far at all this time around. Have no idea what I’m packing, but what else is new. Just looking for a good time.

Well, back to the grind. Only a few more minutes until it’s time to go. YAY!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy days...

Howdie all! Hope all is well. We had a SingLive workshop last night, which went really well. Just seeing familiar faces was enough for me. John, our director, was really upset with the way Susan Boyle has been treated, esp. by the BGT people. Just threw her to the wolves, basically and now she has a mental breakdown. John says she probably never sing in public again, it was just too much for her. How sad would that be???

We’ve been helping DH’s grandfather move into his new condo this weekend. Moving is such a PITA. Everything is such a cluster!!! And FIL likes to pretend he’s in charge and boss everyone a round, so that doesn’t make it any easier. And I gotta say this (sorry, Michele!) Brighthouse SUCKS!!!! Out of the 3 boxes they got, one was totally defective and would not work. Another box, the DVR, worked and then all of a sudden it locked up and 20 minutes later totally reset itself. DH has had nothing but major issues trying to get things set up. And don’t even get me started on the phone. The only thing that is working is the computer, but even that is not great. They are supposed to come back today and fix everything they did not get right when they were out on Friday. They had FIOS at the old house, but where they’ve moved to does not have it yet. The lines are laid, but they aren’t ready to be hooked up yet. Probably a few more months says Verizon. It’s been an experience.

In the meantime, our A/C unit froze up last night. It’s been doing that a lot lately, seems just about every time we have a power surge. DH called the a/c man and he’s coming out tomorrow afternoon. I sure hope it’s nothing to serious. That would really put a crimp in the budget. But, DH said to be prepared. The unit is about 10 years old, and it’s a small unit for our size house we’ve been told (by several different sources.) It’s the bare legal minimum. Oh well! I guess that means I’ll be putting off other projects, like the house painting (I’m a little afraid on that one. Like I said, it’s 10 years old, and I think we’re the only ones who haven’t re-painted. I’m sure we’ll get a nasty gram from the HOA eventually) and tile (that was such a priority last summer, but it has moved down on the list for now.)

Gotta run to Target, probably tomorrow night. Gotta sort out my coupons first, they got to be a mess. Started last night before I went to bed, and then will finish tonite. Saturday is the RR yard sale. Kip and I are sharing a table. I don’t have a lot of stuff, but what I do have is some big ticket items. A table do-hickey, cropper hoppers, a few other bags. Lots of idea books too, I’ll probably slash them to $1 or $2. A lot of stuff, like old stickers and paper, I didn’t want to deal with, so I just threw it out. The little annoying stuff, you know? I know I won’t make a profit (hell, if I do make any, I’ll probably just spend it on someone else’s table.) But I would rather see this stuff go somewhere than the garbage heap, kwim?